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Scuba Diving Bali

General Information

Bali underwater rivals some of the best Papua New Guinea has to offer. Dive with Mantas, sharks, turtles and big pelagics or go muck diving instead.

About Bali

Everyone's been to Bali and the smart ones all say the same thing: if you really want to appreaciate this small Indonesian island - it's just 140 by 80 kilometres - you should leave the bustling tourist areas of Kuta and Legian and get about among the people, enjoy their friendly personas and experience their unique culture. Take in the hillside rice paddies, 3,000- metre holy mountains and dense tropical jungles. The wild monkeys, old lava flows and the dry, desert- like landscapes.

Seeing the sights can be even more rewarding for divers, because to complement the stunning attractions above the surface, Bali underwater rivals some of the best that Papua New Guinea has to offer. Stunning sights like the spectacular 40-metre drop-off of Lembongan Island and the Mantas, sharks, turtles and big pelagics at Nusa Penida. There are great shore dives, too -  the coral-encrusted wreck of the USS Liberty and the Whale Sharks at Tulamben. Water Temperature is on average 27-30C. Muck dive at secret bay for unique marine cratures, The USS Liberty wreck as one of the best wreck dive in the world. July - September is Mola Mola (Sun Fish) seasson at Nusa Penida. The ocean sunfish vies for the title of strangest fish in the sea. This gentle giant has been recorded to weigh up to two tons (with an average weight of 1 ton) and inhabits all tropical and temperate seas. They are frequently seen basking in the sun near the surface and are often mistaken for sharks when their huge dorsal fins emerge above the water. Their teeth are fused into a beak-like structure and they are unable to fully close their relatively small mouths. They are harmless to people, but can be very curious and will often approach divers.*

PRO DIVE Bali has been operating since 1994

Pro Dive Safaris
Travelling on a Dive Safari is an excellent way to see more of Bali and visit areas where other tourists are far and few. As a diver, this also cuts down travel time, as you will be staying overnight near the dive sites. PRO DIVE Bali can organize a dive safari to suit all your personal requirements. We can combine any Bali dive sites of your choice, as well as any number of dives in a day, to make a most enjoyable holiday for you in Bali. You, the customer, pick and choose your favourite dive sites, whether you want to do early or late dives. The time is yours to decide. All dive safaris include: 2 dives per day, sea/land transportation, accomodation, PRO DIVE Divemaster / Instructor, tanks, weight belt, air fills, breakfast and lunch on daily trips. Departures guaranteed with a minimum of 2 persons and snorkellers are welcome to join divers on our safaris.

Pro Dive Bali Day Trips
Pro Dive Bali is a southern-based dive operator, located near Benoa Harbour, We will pick you up and drop you off from any hotel in Bali and take you on day trips all around the Island. As our journey to various dive site of your choosing may take a little time, please don't forget to bring your camera along as we travel through Bali's beautiful country side, including many villages, rice terraces, and magnificent coastline and of course the highest volcano in Bali, Mount Agung. We will of course be more than happy to stop for photos should you wish and can answer any questions you may have about our Balinese culture or scenery along the way.



Please contact or call 1 800 820 820 if you require more information
All arrangements are made through Pro Adventures Pty Ltd t/a PRO DIVE Travel. Travel Agents Lic No. 2TA001452

*Source: Wikipedia