Scuba Diving Air Fills

With a choice of 2 Sydney Dive locations.

Air Fills Price
Air Fill $10
10 Air Fill Card $80
EAN 32/36% Fill  (Brookvale Only) $20
EAN 32/36% 10 Fill Card (Brookvale Only) $160

Air Fill Cards and Badges can be Purchased through our Online Shop

  • All air supplied to Australian Standards
  • Regular divers will SAVE using the Air Fill Card - valid at Coogee and Brookvale Centres
  • If you’re a regular diver the Air-For-Life Badge is the smart option. It’s totally paid for after 222 dives and is limited to one badge not one tank. Not transferable
  • We are unable to fill pre 1990 aluminium tanks 

Card and Badges Conditions

  • Cant be used for Commercial Purposes
  • Not transferable to any other person
  • Maximum of 2 fill per Day
  • Cylinders must be owned by Card Holder
  • * Nitrox Fills Only Available at Brookvale

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