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4 Night MV Spoilsport Fly Dive - Coral Sea

From: $2073.00 AUD* 4 Night Dive and Fly Trip Ideal for Advanced Divers looking for adventure liveaboard diving on the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea, Australia. Appeals to advanced divers who are chasing clear water, plummeting walls and amazing shark action. Features an exciting shark feed dive. Divers should be comfortable in exposed sea conditions on deep walls.
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Cairns 5 Day / 4 Night Package - Hostel Stay

From: $754.25 AUD* Check out the Great Barrier Reef on one of our Dive and Stay Packages These packages include 2 nights accommodation and the 3 Day / 2 night Outer Reef Liveaboard trip on MV ScubaPro. Advanced Openwater and Nitrox Courses are now available as an optional extra.
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Coral Sea Exploratory - Holmes, Bougainville, Osprey and Ribbon Reefs

From: $3596.00 AUD* An amazing liveaboard trip suitable for all with unlimited dives incorporating the best of the Ribbon Reefs and Coral Sea. Appeals to divers who want to explore colourful coral gardens, swim with giant potato cod, drift along coral walls with 1,000m drop offs and participate in an exciting shark feed dive!
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Far North Exploratory Expedition

From: $4320.00 AUD* Check out this fantastic Far Northern Reef Itinerary North Bound departing 30 November returning 7 December, 2015 South Bound departing 7 December returning 14 December, 2015 This itinerary will have you diving off Raine Island, Great Detached and Tijou Reefs, as well as Cod Hole, Lizard Island the Steve's Bommie on the Ribbon Reefs
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Minke Whale Tour 4 Day/4 Night to Ribbon Reef

From: $1720.00 AUD* Special Offer 4 Day/4 Night MV Ocean Quest to Ribbon Reef Friday departures. Selected dates from June to August Minke Whale season
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Nautilus Interaction Expeditions - Coral Sea

From: $2073.00 AUD* Each year we run Nautilus Expeditions, including a capture and release program for the Central Queensland University research department. Nautilus traps are set overnight at Osprey Reef and retrieved the next morning. Guests have the rare opportunity to observe, photograph and dive with these deep sea creatures.
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3 Day / 2 Night Liveaboard Great Barrier Reef Cairns. Scubapro Outer Reef Cruise - Dive Adventure

Pro Dive's vessel Scuba Pro
From: $735.00 AUD* 3 Liveaboards, 6 Departures a Week, 11 Dives and travel time just under 3 hours to your first dive site are just some of the reasons why many people choose to come diving with Pro Dive Cairns on the Outer Reef Cruise
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3 Day / 2 Night Liveaboard Great Barrier Reef Cairns. Scubapro Outer Reef Cruise - Snorkel Adventure

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef with Pro Dive
From: $650.00 AUD* PRO DIVE offers you the opportunity to bring your non diving friends to snorkel our exclusive, unspoilt reefs. We will supply you with wetsuit and all snorkel equipment, so all you have to do is come along prepared for a great time! Snorkellers can also do a try dive whilst out on the reef.
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3 Day /2 Night Great Barrier Reef Cairns. Scubapro Outer Reef Cruise with PADI Nitrox Course

From: $940.00 AUD* This course is run in conjunction with our 3 day 2 night dive trip and consists of some theory and 2 training dives so it can all be easily completed onboard as there are no formal classroom sessions involved with this course.
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Turtle Spectacular - Far Northern Reefs

From: $3596.00 AUD* Dive with Green Turtles through a rare collection of remote reefs divers can only dream about! Imagine sheer walls plummeting to depths of over 600m encrusted with sponges, whip corals, fans and more. Reefs such as Tijou, Bligh, Mantis, Black Rock and The Detached Reefs, teem with fish life that will satisfy the most fastidious of divers and photographers.
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3 Day/2 Night Liveaboard Great Barrier Reef Cairns. Scubapro Outer Reef Cruise with PADI Advanced OpenWater Course

Diver completing Advanced Course with Pro Dive
From: $890.00 AUD* If you are an Open Water Diver, you qualify to join our Advanced Course, it does not matter whether you have minimal or lots of diving experience. The Advanced course is 100 percent practical, with no written exam. Upgrade your diving skills on this ever popular Outer Barrier Reef Trip with Pro Dive. You will complete the PADI Advanced Openwater as well as enjoy some pleasure diving.
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3 Day / 2 Night Liveaboard Great Barrier Reef Cairns. Scubapro Outer Reef Cruise with PADI Advanced & Nitrox Course

From: $1015.00 AUD* Get your Nitrox Certification while doing your PADI Advanced Course, all in 3 days, as part of your trip out on the Great Barrier Reef
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3 Day / 3 Night Cod Hole & Ribbon Reef- Spirit Of Freedom - Dive Adventure

From: $1650.00 AUD* Your adventure starts when you board Spirit in Cairns. Departures are every Monday and you will start diving on the first day and continue until the boat arrives off Lizard Island. As well as 11 dives and visiting world renown dive sites, you can look forward to a choice of cabin types, chef prepared meals, cabin service daily, hot towels after each dive and at the finish a low level flight back along the reef from Lizard Island to Cairns. Snorkellers also welcome
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4 Day / 4 Night Coral Sea & Ribbon Reef - Spirit Of Freedom - Dive Adventure

From: $1995.00 AUD* Another exciting itineary available from Spirit with departures every Thursday. Now moored off Lizard Island, divers will fly in from Cairns to board Spirit of Freedom. Your first dives will include the Cod Hole and on Thursday night you will head out to Osprey Reef. You will have 2 full days of diving off Osprey before heading back onto the Ribbon Reefs. Once again you can look forward to the small luxuries always available on Spirit
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7 Day/ 7 Night Cod Hole and Coral Sea - MV Spirit of Freedom

From: $3395.00 AUD* Consider this fantastic 7 day itinerary on MV Spirit of Freedom for This itinerary is a combination of the popular 3 day and 4 day trips. You will have the choice of either a Monday or Thursday departure. This itinerary caters to both divers and snorkellers and divers will be have up to 27 dives over 6.5 dive days.
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Minke Whale Expeditions

From: $1827.00 AUD* Minke Whale Season is just around the corner. During the months of June and July, the Dwarf Minke Whales are found along the Ribbon Reefs. 2016 will be the 21st year Mike Ball Dive Expeditions have supported the James Cook University Minke MWP (Minke Whale Project). Here is an opportunity for you to participate in this great collaboration!
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3 Night MV Spoilsport- Fly & Dive Cod Hole

From: $1827.00 AUD* 3 night - Fly Dive Cod Hole. Sensational diving within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Appeals to the broadest section of divers from beginners to mad keen photographers and snorkellers. Minke Whale Trips now available 3 Nights Itinerary starting 8 June, 2015
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