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Lord Howe Island

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  • Runs October to May


Enjoy a 10 dive package aboard our custom built 9.5M dive vessel 'Pinnacle'! FREE Gear Hire included on this package. 

If visiting a "dive destination" offering some of the world's most unique marine life is a must for you, then you must come and scuba dive the warm waters around Lord Howe Island. It can be said that most everything about Lord Howe Island is unique!

Enjoy a 3 Day / 6 dive package aboard our custom built 9.5M dive vessel 'Pinnacle'. Gear Hire additional, includes Wetsuit, BCD, Regs, Tank, Weights, Computer, Mask, Snorkel & Fins. If diving with your own gear, tank and weights will be provided 

General Information

Lord Howe Island offers some amazing diving, as well as being, a premier holiday destination for snorkellers.

Lord Howe is breathtakingly beautiful. At the southern end, their peaks often shrouded by mist, Mt Gower and Lidgbird soar 800 metres above the island. Below are rolling hills and cool rainforests of native kentia palms and giant banyans, the world's largest tree. The Island is also blessed with pristine white beaches.

The diving is equally as impressive. One particular long stretch called Ned's Beach has proved to be the highlight for thousands of snorkellers. Before you're even knee-deep, the water's boiling with hundreds of mullet, wrasse, parrotfish, emperors, trevally, even kingfish, all associating human legs with free eats! Be sure to bring some bread, because having fish take food out of your hand can be a real buzz. Lord Howe is at the crossroads of many currents resulting in a melting pot of tropical species and southern pelagics. A local census puts the number of fish species at 590 and different corals at 94.Popular dive sites including the Admiralty Islands are only a 15 minute boat trip from PRO DIVE's Boat Shed. The Admiralty Islands are home to over 30 dive sites with a group of  volcanic formations of large pinnacles, coral reef walls and large schools of fish. Dive depths are from 15 to 40 meters, with an average of 20 to 30 meters visibility. Diving season is from Sept- May.

Accommodation on Lord Howe ranges from family-run guest lodges to self-contained apartments. Points of interest include eight restaurants, several general stores and boutiques, two banks, cinema, hair salon, liquor store, police station, museum, Wilson's Bike Hire and PRO DIVE! For the non-divers, there is bird-watching and/or photography, golf, tennis, deep-sea fishing, surfing or windsurfing. For the more adventurous, excellent bushwalking, mountain climbing and bike riding will keep the heart and lungs moving. You can also sign up for a bus tour, a glass-bottomed boat cruise or scenic flight. 

10 good reasons why you should consider Lord Howe Island for your next holiday:

  • The island itself is actually an extinct volcano 11 kilometres long and less than three across at it's widest point
  • The southernmost coral reef in the world fringes a six-kilometre-long lagoon
  • Southern Equatorial waters mix with those from the Tasman Sea resulting in a melting pot of tropical species and southern pelagics
  • A local census puts the number of fish species at 590 and different corals at 94
  • Seventy-five percent of the island is a national park with World Heritage status
  • It's free of snakes, stinging plants and insects that bite
  • Several species, both terrestrial and marine, are found nowhere else on earth
  • The branches of one banyan tree spread over one and a half hectares
  • The number of tourists at any one time is restricted to 393

Transportation amounts to 130 vehicles, 90 motorbikes and 600 bicycles. To give you an idea of the pace of life, the speed limit is 25kph!

Lord Howe Island is just a short flight from Brisbane or Sydney. Come and see Australias most unique territory!!


Please contact or call 1 800 820 820 if you require more information
"Established on Lord Howe since 1978"
All arrangements are made through Pro Adventures Pty Ltd t/a PRO DIVE Travel. Travel Agents Lic No. 2TA001452

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