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Sydney Double Boat Dive

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Charter Sealife V in Sydney

Many of the world's best scuba diving sites are accessible only by boat. Whether you've never tried a boat dive or you've logged dozens, it can often be a little easier than entering from shore, such as during our Learn to Dive program. PRO DIVE's Sealife V is the biggest, most frequently operated dive boat in the spectacular Sydney Harbour and beyond!

Our Boat: Pro Dive's Sea Life V
Our state-of-the-art 43ft Steber dive boat 'SEALIFE V', offers an outstanding level of service and comfort. 'SEALIFE V' carries a full range of dive equipment to cater for 19 Divers. Onboard facilities include galley, toilet, a massive diving deck, dual ladders, comfortable undercover seating and twin 430hp diesel engines to get you effortlessly to and from the dive sites.
  • Nov - March
    • Mornings - Thur/ Fri/Sat/Sun
  • April- Oct
    • Morning -  Fri/Sat/Sun
  • No. of Divers: 20
  • Duration: 4.5 Hrs
  • Dive Sites: 20+ Dive Sites - View Schedule
  • Gear Hire: Hire Department on Board, Nitrox Available
  • No. Dives: 2 Dives Per Trip
  • Services: In Water Dive Guide: Refreshments between dives, hot showers on board
  • Departs/Returns - More Info
    • Rose Bay Ferry Wharf
      • Departs 8.15am and returns 12.45pm 
    • Manly Yacht Club 
      • Leaves 7.45am Return 1.10pm
  • Minimum Certitication: Openwater Diver

Services on Board:

  • Full Gear Hire Department
  • Dive Brief- note you are welocme to dive as a buddy team
  • Dive Buddy for Single Divers
  • Dive Guides available upon request- please select in addons 
  • Refreshments between dives
  • Marine Toilet 
  • note as 1st of April Nitrox is a free option if you have a nitrox certification


  • Scuba Gear Hire [options to select when booking]
  • Live Boat Schedule [dive site variety]
  • Light Refreshments
  • Dive Briefing [experienced divemaster or instructor]
  • 2 Dives [at different sites]
  • Dive Guide [for inexperienced divers]  please selct either dive guide or no dive guide
  • Dive ratio's with divers who have less than 20 dives 6-1 with more than 20 dives up to 8-1




Morning Dives

From Manly Yacht Club
Departs 7.45am - please be at the wharf 15 minutes prior to departure
From Rose Bay Ferry Wharf (top of boat ramp)
Departs 8.15am - please be at the wharf 15 minutes prior to departure

Afternoon Dives

From Rose Bay Ferry Wharf (top of boat ramp)
Departs 12.30pm - please be at the wharf 15 minutes prior to departure
From Manly Yacht Club
Departs 1.00pm - please be at the wharf 15 minutes prior to departure

Please note:  Rose Bay has a new Ferry wharf THIS IS NOT THE WHARF WE PICK UP AT, we pick up at the wharf at the top of the boat ramp.

Please be at the wharf 15 minutes prior to departure

*WARNING - parking is difficult in Sydney and especially at peak times during the day, we encourage you to arrive at your chosen pickup point at least 30-40 minutes prior to departure. If you miss the dives due to traffic and/or parking issues, you will forfeit your dives as per our terms and conditions.

Number of Divers on Board:
18 Divers

Minimum Certification:
All Divers must be a qualified Open Water Certified Diver and bring proof of certification with them. We do nominate the certification level on our boat dive schedule, if we believe the site is more suitable for advanced level or experienced divers.

Where We Dive:
We have planned Dive Sites. To view our list of Dive Sites please click on the link below. All dive sites are weather dependent

Pro Dive Sydney Boat Dive Sites

It is important to note that if it is unsafe to dive at our planned site due to the sea conditions, Pro dive does retain the right to choose another site. If you decide not to do the dive cancellation conditions will apply. Please review our Cancellation Terms

Live Status and Online Site:
Because we have live status on this website, it is possible to check availability and make bookings 24x7.

Check Availability and Book Online

If you are a regular diver with us, or plan to do multiple dives when you are in Sydney you may be interested in purchasing one of our Great Value for Money Boat Dive Packages

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  • You must hold a valid dive certification from any of the internationally recognised training agencies to dive with us
  • Minimum requirement: open water diver
  • Diving Experience
    • If you have done less than 10 dives, you must have dived in the last 6 months.
    • If you have more than 10 dives, you must have dives in the last 12 months.
    • If you have done more than 50 dives, you must have dive in the last 24 months
    • If you have done more than 100+, you must have dive in the last 5 years.
  • Proof of certification must be presented before boarding
  • Please read through our terms & conditions


Terms and Conditions

Diver requirements

  1. You must be a certified diver (open water minimum)
  2. You must have dived within the last 12 months.
  3. If you are not a confident diver then PRO DIVE highly recommends booking a guided shore dive or refresher dive before our guided boat dives.
  4. Proof of certification must be presented before the dive.
  5. You must be medically fit to dive.
  6. You will be required to sign our Liability Waiver for the activity upon arrival.
  7. Suppose you fail to meet any of the above requirements on the day. In that case, PRO DIVE reserves the right to refuse diving and dive related activities. No refund will be given and rebooking will be at full cost.

Cancellations, transfers or non-attendance

  1. If you cancel your dives, on or within three (3) days of the start date, no refund will be given.
  2. If you cancel your dives more than three (3) days from the start date, a refund will be given, less $50 administration fees.
  3. If you fail to attend your scheduled dive, no refund will be given; rebooking will be at full cost.
  4. Parking and traffic can be difficult in Sydney, you may have to park and walk to the pick up point. It is your responsibilty to get to the pick up point on time. If you fail to attend due to parking and/or traffic issues, the above condition applies.
  5. You may transfer your dives to a new date once, free of charge, with more than three (3) days notice. Any subsequent changes will incur a $100 re-booking fee.
  6. Transfers made on or within three (3) days of the start date will incur a $100 fee. No exceptions.
  7. If a medical condition temporarily prevents you from completing the dives, the above conditions apply.
  8. If a medical condition permanently prevents you from completing the dives, the above conditions apply.
  9. You may transfer your dive to a friend or family member at any time for a $100 rebooking fee.
  10. If you fail to complete both dives during the scheduled time, the remaining dive(s) are forfeit.
  11. The above terms also apply to voucher bookings.

Dive site

  1. PRO DIVE retains the right to change our planned dive site if prevailing sea conditions or weather conditions make it unsafe for diving. In these circumstances, no refunds will be offered should the diver decide not to proceed with the dive. 

*All Prices are Per Person and Prices may vary depending on Start Dates.

More Information

FAQ's Meeting Points Price Dive Sites Terms and Conditions Dates & Availability