Waterproof SD Combat 7mm Mens Wetsuit

Brand: Waterproof
Category: Wetsuits
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SemiDry 7mm Black with Dual Pockets

Combine a snug fit with a Drysuit zipper and stunning design then you end up with a high-class semidry. Features include an anatomical design, super-stretch neoprene seals and unique 3-Dimensional hard-core rubber Knee Guards to mention just a few.
The SD Combat bridges the gap between a Drysuit and a Wetsuit. Dry enough to keep the diver warm in colder water, yet still with the snug fit and nice feeling of a high-class wetsuit. Facilitates longer dives in warmer environment and lower air consumption due to less heat loss.

This is an all black combat style suit with two expandable POWER POCKETS on the thighs.
The Swiss Army and the Portugese Marine forces are equipped with this suit.

Includes a H1 5/7mm H.A.V.S hood.

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