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RS340 Regulator and First Stage

Brand: Tusa
Category: Accessories
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The R-300 first stage delivers a balanced diaphragm system featuring a minimum variation in intermediate pressure in relation to changes in residual tank pressure. The ports feature left-right symmtery for easier tank adjustments, even for beginners!

The S-40 second stage is equipped with a universal swivel hose joint for optimum performance and comfort. A swivel joint is fitted between the second stage of the RS-340 and the joint section of the low pressure hose. The swivel joint allows flexibility of the hose to eliminate hose tension at the mouthpiece for a more natural and comfortable bite.

This regualtor is also fitted with a dynamic airflow hose which has a large inner diameter increasing the air flow to the second stage. A divers repiration rate and air comsumption vary greatly while diving in different conditions the breathing resistance knob allows a diver to simply rotate the knob and adjust the volumne of air being supplied.

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