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Cressi Pro Star Mask Snorkel and Fins Set

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Brand: Cressi
Category: Snorkeling Gear
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PRO STAR is a fin derived from Cressi's apnea professional models that introduce the use of primarily reactive professional level materials on the medium-length foot pocket fins market.
The end result is a muscularly designed fin with reduced dimensions, a surprising nerve, and excellent propulsive performance. It's a wonderful blend of resistance, power, comfort, and aesthetics.
Pro Star is the Cressi range's most powerful foot pocket fin (except for the specific deep apnea models) and is an excellent choice for advanced snorkelling, amateur apnea, light diving without boot and sole, and underwater hockey.
Main propylene body: derived from apnea fins, this material is distinguished by its extremely rapid energy transmission and high structural rigidity.
Flexible elastomer is used on the foot pocket and other areas that require flexibility and elasticity because they affect the diver's comfort (Forefoot of the foot [pocket, interior of the sole, and instep area in contact with the ankle)
"Foot pocket-under blade design". The blade emerges from the superior part is the foot pocket, connecting the fin to the foot solidity and transmitting all generated effort while flapping without energy loss through soft areas.
Reduced blade side thickness "Spina di pesce" to improve flapping direction and inertia from fin's end.
The inside of the foot pocket is extremely anatomic because it was meticulously designed with a computer using numerous measurements to create the ideal anatomic volumes. It ensures perfect leg/foot/blade strength transmission of leg/ foot/ blade
Profiled guard: this reduces water intake and splashing from the top while not obstructing breathing.
Adjustable attachment: a quick-attachment system to the mask strap that runs along the snorkel bore for precise positioning.
New drainage well: this draws all remaining water to the tube's bottom end, preventing all breathing obstructions.
Internal elliptical valve: The elliptical valve optimises water drainage, making purging the snorkel quick and easy.
The Matrix breaks new ground by adhering to Big Eyes' revolutionary principles.
Cressi's patented raked lenses and their unique "inverted drop" shape have been improved.
The lenses have been moved as close to the eyes as possible, to the highest levels possible.
When the mask is worn, the newly designed frame is completely invisible due to its streamlined design.
For a great look, the top part of the mask has strong grip rubber material inserts.
The soft silicone skirt has a new profile and a broad seal ring for unrivalled waterproofing and comfort.
The internal volume of the mask is extremely low, lower than that of many well-known freediving masks, and the weight is also extremely low.
Strap adjustment is quick and precise thanks to two pressure buckles integrated into the frame. This new design strap has a wide purchase on the neck for maximum comfort.
Excellent snorkelling, scuba diving, and skin diving mask.

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