Deep Diver Specialty course

Divers choose to dive deeper to observe marine life that you would not normally see at shallower depths.
It is quite common for wrecks in deeper water to be better preserved as, the greater depth results in less damage resulting from surge than at the surface.
On many tropical reefs it is commonplace to find brilliant, healthy coral at greater depths due to less exposure to the sun and other shallower pollutants. Many fish and other marine creatures also prefer greater depths only rising to the surface shallower waters at night time.



Online training program
3 Boat dives
Digital Diver certification
Pony bottle
Hang tank

Food and beverages
Personal diving equipment
Hire/Rental scuba equipment



Complete online theory before course start date.
Friday evening 6:30 pm

Organise equipment

Day One- 8am departure at Boat ramp
Two dives to a maximum depth of 35 metres.
Look at the effects of narcosis, compression and colours at depth.

Day Two- 8am departure at boat ramp
Dive to maximum depth of 40 metres.
Learn to setup stage bars and redundant systems
Missed decompression procedures.


Open water Diver certification
Minimum age: 15 years old
Minumum logged hours underwater: 8

Slate and Pencil
Dive computor

*All Prices are Per Person and Prices may vary depending on Start Dates.

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