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What to Expect?

PRO DIVE has been the #1 Dive Centre(s) for the last 50+ Years.

We specialise in Dive Professional Career Programs that cover not only Scuba Instruction, but skills in Travel, Tourism, Education, Leadership, Recreation, Maritime and Retail. Our Pro Dive Professional Traineeships give you real-world training and all the necessary skills for a financially and personally rewarding career as a Dive Professional.

Our programs are not just about developing career-based skills; they also focus on developing life skills. We see many candidates evolve from shy individuals into confident adults. We've built an unrivalled reputation since October 1969, and our two Dive Centres at Coogee Beach and Manly/Brookvale have access to all of Sydney's premier dive sites, as well as Sydney's premier beaches and tourist sites.


There is nothing on this earth quite as exciting as learning to dive, the fascination of seeing schools of fish streaming before your eyes, sunken shipwrecks or walls of coral, all, an experience that has to be seen to be believed. The experience and skills of becoming a diver add a new dimension to your life that will increase your confidence, help you meet new people and visit new and exciting places.


Once you have learnt to dive, progression through the various dive leadership roles will teach you how to communicate and teach effectively, present to groups, improve your people management skills, provide a background on how to create a safe work environment and various other business and workplace abilities, such as occupational first aid, booking systems, point of sale and many more!


We take pride in our traineeships, when you embark on a course with us, you'll be working with REAL classes, with REAL students, in REAL dive centres and on REAL boats. None of our training in leadership, recreation, tourism, education, retail or maritime is simulated. 




Why Choose Pro Dive?


PRO DIVE has been a market leader in the dive industry for over 50 years and during this time we have taught more people to dive, taken more people diving and certified more scuba instructors, divemasters and dive professionals than any other Dive Operator on the Planet.


PRO DIVE Professionals work and manage dive operations throughout the world, from Mirabella in Spain, Greece, Malta, the Red Sea, The Caribbean, Fiji, New Guinea, Fiji, Indonesia, Vietnam, The Maldives, Thailand, Japan, Vanuatu, The Great Barrier Reef, P&O, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Luxury Hotels in Bali, The Philippines, Heron Island, Lizard Island, Daydream Island, Lord Howe Island, as well as Private luxury Dive Boats for the Rich and Famous.


20-minute Drive to Sydney's Most Popular Shore Dives to Make the Most of Your Time.

More importantly, the best shore diving sites in Sydney, Shelly Beach and Gordon's Bay are within 5 minutes drive of the Manly and Coogee PRO DIVE Centres.


1,500 Diving Options a Year

PRO DIVE between its 2 Dive Centres runs over 1500 Guide shore and boat dive on a yearly basis, all with a planned dive site schedule. This allows you to build experience and check out all the great diving Sydney has to offer.


Our Own Dive Boat - No Extra Costs, Lots More Diving 

Sealife V is a 43ft, twin-engined fibreglass boat that was designed and built specifically for diving. Sealife has been awarded "Best Dive Boat in Sydney" for the last ten years, besides being the largest boat, she also has many features that the other vessels can't match. These include a fully enclosed cabin and bunk area, toilet, refrigeration, seating for all passengers, ample storage space, hot showers and hot food. The boat has a full-time crew and runs to a permanent schedule that is tailored to suit the training programs that we conduct.

Learn More about the Divemaster Traineeship

Learn More about the Intructor Traineeship


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