Truk Lagoon

General Information

For wreck divers this is mecca! The warm tropical conditions of Truk Lagoon, its sheltering islands and reefs make it one of the most comfortably accessible wreck diving locations in the world.

In fact, if you haven't dived Truk (now Chuuk), you can hardly call yourself a serious wreck diver. More than 200,000 tonnes of Japanese shipping lie scattered across the 65-kilometre wide lagoon, the majority of it in calm, bedecked with a bewildering collection of soft corals, sea whips, sponges, anemones and oysters. The fish life teams on most of the wrecks. Water Temp is 25-30C and visabilty 12-46 meters

Chuuk state consists of seven major island groups lying within the Eastern Caroline Islands, about 617 miles (1028 km) southeast of Guam and 3,262 miles (5,436 km) southwest of Hawaii. The total land mass of Chuuk state, including the outer islands, is approximately 77 square miles (128 km).

We recommend diving on the SS Thorfinn liveaboard to get the best out of your trip to Chuuk

SS Thorfinn is one of the world’s best equipped live aboard dive cruisers, having cruised / explored Micronesian waters since 1982. Twenty-two island staff provide cheerful personalized service on a 1:1 crew to guest ratio. They range from individually assigned dive crews attending each diver’s needs, to full time hostesses, deck maintenance staff, large machinery staff, and 2 chefs preparing varieties of tasty international cuisine. Special dietary requests are catered as available food supplies permit. Features include  dining room, guest lounge, spa deck, sun deck, dive launches, camera service and storage tables

All diving is conducted from well designed, covered 30ft tenders with each craft diving separate sites to avoid crowding over a single mooring. Diving in small groups, experienced local guides will show the very best attractions at each site. Many have been with Thorfinn for more than 15 years. They can hold hands with the newest divers, or permit more experienced divers to explore as they please. High attractions of wrecked ships, planes, and a submarine, can be supplemented with occasional runs to pristine outer barrier reefs with bright corals, sharks, eagle rays, huge schools of barracudas, big eyed jacks, batfish and a profusion of reef fish! Shark feeding dives are an option at several locations.








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