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Dive Sites

Davies Reef

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Davies Reef- The Sisters

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Two Rock

Depth:Max 30M Rating:Green

Site: A well sheltered site with great variety. Abundant schools of parrotfish around the bommie, with large numbers of planktonic feeders at the front wall. Coral cover is second to none and turtles are regularly encountered.

Marine Life: Parrotfish, Fusiliers, Chromids, Trout,
Butterflyfish, White Tip Reef Sharks and various Pelagics.

The reef edge itself creates a wonderful experience for novice divers and snorkelers. Huge ancient Boulder corals of Green, Blue and Yellow shelter bays with pretty coral gardens only a short swim from the pinnacle itself.

For each individual dive site we have listed the main marine life that you're most likely to see at this location. It is a guide only and is subject to mother nature. Click on the links to view.

Agincourt Reef 3 - Site 08
Maximum Depth 20 metres
Novice to Intermediate
10 - 20 metres, Average 15m
Regular Turtle Encounters
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Yongala Wreck

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