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Coral Gardens

Depth: Rating:

Depth: 3 - 14 metres. Visibility: 15 - 35 metres

Large area of staghorn coral gardens, best dived in around 5 to 12 metres. Protected from the predominent S.E. winds by Flinders Reef, this spot is frequented by loggerhead turtles and features an amazing array of tropical fish darting in and out of their staghorn coral home. Suitable for all levels and a favourite with the underwater photographers.

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Flynn Reef

Depth:5-25m Rating:Green

Flynn Reef is one of our most popular reefs to dive and offers excellent diving for novice to very experienced divers. We have a number of dive sites at Flynn reef such as Tracy's Bommie, Gordon's Mooring, Tennis Court and Coral Gardens.

These sites offer excellent wall dives, swim throughs, overhangs and maze like structures. Expect to see an abundance of marine life combined with plenty of hard corals such as finger, table, plate and boulder corals as well as many species of soft corals.

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Milln Reef

Depth:5-25m Rating:

Milln Reef offers a number of exciting dive sites such as Whale Bommie, Petaj Mooring, Swimming Pools I, Swimming Pools II and Fish Town to name a few. Our dive site at Petaj is home to resident turtles and white tip reef sharks. At the Swimming Pools you can expect to see schools of diagonally banded sweetlips and nudibranchs.

Milln Reef offers excellent wall dives, pinnacles and swim throughs. Milln is great for night diving. Some of the walls are full of sleeping parrot fish in their mucus sacks, turtles and barracudas and the occasional bull ray. Whale Bommie provides good diving with depths exceeding 20 metres. A great site to dive at night where you can expect to see sleeping turtles, reef crabs, painted lobsters, soft corals and gorgonian fans.

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Pellowe Reef

Depth:5-30m Rating:

Pellowe Reef is a small isolated reef located close to the edge of the continental shelf. For this reason, access to the reef is weather dependent and best visited on fine weather days. The reef drops away to 30 metres very quickly in places, providing some spectacular diving. 

This reef offers divers an exciting wall dive and swim throughs. The majority of the dives will be in depths between 5 to 30 metres. Being closer to the continental shelf increases the possibility of large pelagic fish species along with the more regular sightings of chevron barracuda and nudibranchs.

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Thetford Reef

Depth:5-30m Rating:

Thetford Reef is made up of numerous coral bommies where you can experience some very exciting wall dives and many swim throughs. The depth and exposure of Thetford Reef makes it suitable to visit during mild weather conditions.

Cathedral and Blue Lagoon are our two favourites.

This reef is home to many soft and hard corals like boulder and plate corals with an abundance of marine life. Look for the giant clams, butterflyfish, damsels and angelfish.

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