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Guided Shore Dives

This is a great opportunity to experience some of the great dive sites just off Sydney's shores. At PRO DIVE we provide free Guide Services with all our shore dives.  For something a little different come and join us on a Mystery Dive.
Duration: Approx 5 Hours

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About our Guided Shore Dives
There are several sites PRO DIVE Coogee visit including Nth Bondi, Gordons Bay, Bare Island, Shark Point, South Maroubra and other sites around the Eastern Suburbs. While we put together a schedule all planned trips are subject to weather conditions. The scuba diving in Sydney is temperate water diving, with an influence of our warmer tropical water to our North. We have a wide variety of marine life including the worlds largest cuttle fish up 1.5 meters in length, sea horses, Blue Gropers, Wobbegong sharks and a host of other marine life. Typically most dives max out at 16m, so all shore dives are suitable for openwater divers.

At PRO DIVE we only charge for the gear hire that you require, all Guide services are provided free of charge. Both single and double shore dive options are available. Every now and then we run Mystery Shore Dives. As the name says, the Mystery Dive will be decided on the day and most likely be somewhere we have never been to or rarely go.