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Guided Shore Dives (Double Dive) - Sydney - Brookvale

This is a great opportunity to experience some of the great dive sites off Sydney's shores. Join PRO DIVE's Team, as we travel around Sydney's dive sites and show you all the amazing sea life that beckons. Our shore dives are fully guided and suitable for all levels of dive experience.   

Thousands of people who have learned to scuba dive have discovered the wonders of the open ocean in Sydney. To book on a PRO DIVE Guided Shore Dive, you must be 15 years old or older. You must be at least Open Water Diver certified, up-to-date with diving skills and knowledge and be in good physical health. 



  • 8am-12 noon




Note all prices are Per Person.

5. Double Dive - I don't need any diving equipment


$109.00 AUD


4. Double Dive - I only need tanks and weights


$109.00 AUD


1. Double Dive - I need a full set of diving equipment


$179.00 AUD


3. Double Dive - I have my own mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit


$149.00 AUD


2. Double Dive - I have my own mask, snorkel and fins


$169.00 AUD


Meeting Point

Dive Site of the Day

Live dive site schedule

Although we aim to stick to the scheduled dive site, sometimes conditions force us to change, we will let you know the day before your dive or by 7am on the morning of your dive. Meeting points are below, click the link followed by "directions"

Meeting point Fairy Bower*

Meeting point Shelly Beach*

Meeting point Bare Island*

Meeting point Gordons Bay*

*WARNING - parking is difficult in Sydney and especially at some of our dive sites, we encourage you to arrive well before your scheduled start time. If you miss the dives due to traffic and/or parking issues, you will forfeit your dives as per our terms and conditions.


Our aim is always to offer our divers a safe and enjoyable experience. Below are reviews from customers who left use feedback on their experience.
Double shore dive with great vis at Shelley Beach - Jackie was a fantastic dive master, super helpful, kind and looked after everyone on the dive! by Liam Park - 25-Feb-2024
Paul was an amazing guide. Lots of tips and info about the dive zone and sealife by IVAN RAMIREZ RODRIGUEZ - 24-Feb-2024
Fantastic dives! by David Chen - 18-Feb-2024
My sister and I did the guided shore dives at Shelly Beach and although the conditions were less than favorable, we still had a great time and our dive guide was fantastic! Thanks! by Hannah Sager - 11-Feb-2024
Jackie is such a fun and knowledgeable instructor! by Genna Bower - 03-Feb-2024
Jackie was an awesome instructor. She balanced everyone having a fun and enjoyable time with making sure we were all safe and diving responsibly by Dominic Bower - 03-Feb-2024
Paul was a fantastic guide and took the time to explain our route, provide refresher tips, and talk about the marine life we would see. Made our dive super enjoyable and educational! by Lisa Gong - 27-Jan-2024
Jackie was absolutely amazing! Super knowledgeable and great to dive with by Harriet Richardson - 26-Jan-2024
Jackie was an excellent instructor for our first dive since our open water certificate (instructed by Sam who was also excellent). Excellent guidance and happy to help us feel confident and we enjoyed seeing plenty of underwater creatures. by Penelope Mockler - 26-Jan-2024
We did a double shore dive at Shelley beach. We had Paul as our diving guide who was fantastic. He was so knowledgeable sharing information on the different marine life we may see as well as a lot of helpful diving tips. We saw a lot of gropers, wobbegongs and rays. by Stacey Hopkins - 14-Jan-2024

Dive Sites

Dive Rating Key
Green: Ideal for beginner divers and is a easy dive.
Blue: For the more experienced diver with a greater level of skill in the water.
Black: Experienced divers only. Black dive sites may experience challenging conditions such as currents and deep.
Day Date am/pm  Dive Site Rating Depth Action
Fri 08-Mar-2024  am Shelly Beach{Freshwater* 
14m{12m Book Now
Sat 09-Mar-2024  am Shelly Beach* 
14m Book Now
Sun 10-Mar-2024  am Freshwater* 
12m Book Now
Fri 15-Mar-2024  am Shelly Beach{Shelly Beach* 
14m{14m Book Now
Sat 16-Mar-2024  am Shelly Beach* 
14m Book Now
Sun 17-Mar-2024  am Shelly Beach* 
14m Book Now
Fri 22-Mar-2024  am Freshwater{Shelly Beach* 
12m{14m Book Now
Sat 23-Mar-2024  am Shelly Beach* 
14m Book Now
Sun 24-Mar-2024  am Shelly Beach* 
14m Book Now
Fri 29-Mar-2024  am Freshwater{Shelly Beach* 
12m{14m Book Now

View Dive Sites Dates

*The Dive Sites schedule are a guide of where we are planning to go and are in no way guaranteed. If we can't go to the divesite due conditions, then the cruise director will nominate the next best suitable spot. There is no refund if we do not make it to the planned dive sites.


Depth:12m Rating:Blue

Freshwater Sydney - Description comming soon

Shelly Beach

Depth:14m Rating:Green

Enter from the shore along the right hand side of the beach (facing the sea). Keep the rock wall on your right as you head out and on your left as you head back - an easy dive site to navigate. As with any site, Shelly Beach is weather dependant - generally protected during easterly winds, which makes it diveable when a lot of other sites in the area are blown out. Viz can vary from 3 to 15M but is usually clearer during the winter months. On a good day, this is a spectacular site!

The best of the site is further out than most people get to and you do need reasonable air consumption to reach it. Swim out following the rock wall to your right, until it turns northwards and starts to peter out. Take a heading and keep going following the remnants of the rock wall on the sea floor and you should come to a kelp bed. Weedy seadragons are frequently found here and the depth should not exceed 12m.

Along the wall and amongst the big boulders, other marine life seen regularly is the divine eastern blue gropers (wrasse), schools of yellowtail and big eyes, mados and often pike. Red Morwongs, goatfish in the sandy area, flatheads and often ludericks and old wives. Under ledges shrimps galore and often juvenile lionfish. Port Jackson sharks and giant cuttlefish are common in season and wobbegongs sleep in crevices and under the big boulders.

*All Prices are Per Person and Prices may vary depending on Start Dates and options.

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