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Waterproof EX2 Women Pink

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Brand: Waterproof
Category: Drysuits and Undergarments
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 The EX2 has its origin in our military line of breathable drysuits made for the Special Forces where movability, breathability and low weight is essential. The EX2 delivers that to the MAX!

This suit is a special tool made for a special purpose. It is made with maximum comfort in mind, erasing the line between what you do above and below the water. As with any special tool there are NO compromises, at least not when it comes to its main purpose. If you need a traditional diving suit, a suit that can take anything you throw at it, buy one of our tough butyl based suits instead. The EX2 is slightly more fragile, slightly more sensitive and can’t take quite as much wear and tear. If you can accept this, the suit will serve you well. The EX2 doesn’t compromise on comfort and flexibility!

The suit is equipped with exchangeable silicone seals in both the neck and wrists as standard. These are possible to change at site, in any weather conditions, thanks to the new soft and fl­exible SI TECH rings. If you choose to use latex seal, they will fit just as well.

The EX2 uses fabric socks so you can choose your own footwear depending on your activity, rock boots, fins or Muck boots – it is up to you. Thanks to the material composition and the silicone seals this suit will always be ready for action, even after long term storage.


 Soft Wrist Flex Ring
 Flexible Neck Ring
•   Anatomical Sculpting
 Dual Leg Pockets
Fabric Socks
Flexible Dry Zipper
Zipper Placement
Detachable Warm Cuffs
Arm Pockets and Hook&Loop Patches
Si Tech Valves
• Hip Valvport
• Gadget Holders
• Kevlar® Reinforced Knee Pads
• Breathable Shell
 • COMPACT FOR TRAVEL 2.9 - 3Kg(depending on size) carry bag 60 x 25cm
Womens Size Guide

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