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Waterproof G30 Gloves

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Brand: Waterproof
Category: Gloves
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Super-stretch neoprene

Bonded high-quality nylon threadThis stylish glove features a glide skin interior and a long zipper for easy donning. Polyurethane embossed section in the palm provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection. The Glove-grip makes it a lot easier to put on the second glove. Hypothermia vs Gloves. The body reacts to cold and heat by adjusting the blood stream to the external parts of the body, like hands, fingers and feet. “White Fingers” is a common condition and a proof for this ability to direct the blood flow. If you add restriction and squeeze into the equation those conditions can be worsened. Waterproofs G1 Glove series is constructed with all that knowledge in mind. Better fit, enhanced movability, less restriction and squeeze. All in one Glove.


– for easier donning and doffing

- GLIDESKIN SEAL – Makes a perfect suction seal together with the suit seals.The glide treated surface makes donning and doffing easier.

- GLOVE GRIP – Good grip at the right place. A perfect help when putting on the second glove.

- I-SPAN FOR MAXIMUM STRETCH – Hi quality superstretch I-span nylon.

- ID PLATE – Stylish place to put your name. Easy to recognize your glove.

- PALM ANTISLIP GRIP – Polyurethane embossing provides a non-slip grip and abrasion protection.


– All fingers are pre bent for maximum comfort, both when relaxed and when gripping.

- REFLECTIVE LOGO – Reflective graphics for extra visability.

Glued and blindstitched

Anti-slip palm

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