Waterproof D10 Pro 3.5mm Drysuit

Brand: Waterproof
Category: Drysuits and Undergarments
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During all their years of continuous testing in harsh conditions, Waterproof have found that nothing can match the 3,5mm Special Hi-Dense neoprene with SD Toughtex lining they use for their most outstanding neoprene product, the D10 PRO Drysuit.
Loaded with features this suit brings it all; Kevlar reinforced and angled boot, zip armoured dry zipper, SAS Zip cuff system, embossed, PU-reinforced shoulders and double pockets to mention a few. And all the know-how that Waterproof bring from their 25 years experience of diving in the Antarctic & Arctic.

Included with each D10 Drysuit purchase is:
H1 5/7mm Hood with double vent H.A.V.S technology >>
A Waterproof 1000 Cordura bag which can be carried as a backpack
Low pressure hose


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