Tusa Liberator Mask and Snorkel set with corrective lenses

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Tusa Liberator Mask and Snorkel Pack

The Tusa Liberator Mask is the first mask for many divers for many on their Scuba or snorkelling journey. Specifically designed to be a general fitting mask, ideal for a wide variety of face shapes and sizes.

The Hyperdry Snorkel has a top section dedicated to reducing the amount of splash back entering the snorkel during your time on the surface. 

A perfectcombination for the entry level diver or snorkeller. 

Tusa Liberator Corrective Lenses

The corrective lenses are available in the following  prescriptions. 

Mask Corrective Lenses


Package Items

Right Lens
MC-5100 Liberator/+ Mask Corrective Lens
Corrective lenses to suit the liberator or Liberator plus Mask
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Left Lens
Mask Options
Liberator Elite Adult Combo
The Liberator Mask and Snorkel Pack
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