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Tusa Liberator BCD BC-103B

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Brand: Tusa
Category: BCD
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The updated, next-generation Liberator BC0103B buoyancy compensator is a durable, wrap-around jacket style BC. The Liberator comes standard with TUSA’s ever-reliable tilt valve inflator. TUSA’s NEW Advanced Weight Loading System III provides hassle-free weight loading. The Ultimate Stabilizing Harness will ensure a comfortable and secure diving experience.



A.W.L.S III (Advanced Weight Loading System III)
A secure single lcoking integrated weight system that allows you to quickly and easily secure weight pockets. The A.W.L.S III allows the diver to insert weights into the weight cartridges and load them easily into the front of the BC jacket.

RiteTite Buckle
The RiteTite Buckle is a two (2)-position cam strap for quick and easy adjustment. While the strap is being looped through the buckle, the buckle stays in place without needing to be held. This allows for more control and stability. This feature is part of all TUSA BC's. Watch video

Ultimate Stabilizing Harness (U.S.H)
TUSA's Ultimate Stabilising Harness completely eliminates tank roll and delivers an amazing fit. The U.S.H securely holds the air cylinder in place with optimally placed rails and brings the tank closer to the body increasing tank control while reducing weight. Read more
TUSA Duo Air II Compatible
TUSA Duo Air II, integrated second stage regulator/ power inflator is compatible.


Size Guide

Model # Product Name Size Lift Capacity Waist Measurement BC Weight (dry) Releasable Weight Dump Valves Material
N lbf kgf
inch cm
lb kg
lb kg
BC0103B Liberator XS
80 18.0 8.2
22.1-24.1 56-61
6.4 2.9
17.6 8.0
3 (O.P.E.V.+2) 500D CORDURA / 420D Nylon
90 20.2 9.2
23.7-27.6 60-70
6.6 3.0
17.6 8.0
3 (O.P.E.V.+2) 500D CORDURA / 420D Nylon
120 27.0 12.2
25.6-31.5 65-80
6.8 3.1
17.6 8.0
3 (O.P.E.V.+2) 500D CORDURA / 420D Nylon
150 33.7 15.3
29.6-35.5 75-90
7.1 3.2
17.6 8.0
3 (O.P.E.V.+2) 500D CORDURA / 420D Nylon
180 40.5 18.4
33.5-39.4 85-100
7.1 3.2
17.6 8.0
3 (O.P.E.V.+2) 500D CORDURA / 420D Nylon

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