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Travel Right - Ultimate Snorkelling Package

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The Tusa Serene Pro Adult Combo, Tusa Travel right dive fins (SF-0110), and Tusa Deluxe Mesh Bag (drawstring) MEB-50TUSA package is a top-tier selection for divers of all levels, offering high-quality gear designed for superior underwater performance and convenience.

The Tusa Serene Pro Adult Combo features a mask and snorkel that are tailored for utmost comfort and clarity. The single-lens mask design provides a broad field of vision, ideal for divers eager to take in the full beauty of underwater landscapes and marine life. Its hypoallergenic silicone skirt is crafted for a secure and comfortable fit, minimizing water intrusion. The snorkel is equally impressive, equipped with an advanced purge valve system for easy clearing and minimal water entry, enhancing the underwater breathing experience.

Accompanying the mask and snorkel is the Tusa Travel right dive fins (SF-0110). These fins are ingeniously designed to balance power, efficiency, and comfort. Their lightweight structure makes them perfect for travel, ensuring easy portability without sacrificing performance. The fins' enhanced rib structure provides excellent propulsion, requiring less effort, which is crucial during extended underwater journeys. Their design ensures a comfortable and stable fit, offering control and agility for every dive.

The Tusa Deluxe Mesh Bag (drawstring) MEB-50TUSA is the ideal solution for organizing and transporting your diving equipment. Constructed from robust mesh material, the bag is both durable and lightweight. Its drawstring closure system keeps your gear secure while allowing for effortless access. Spacious enough to hold the mask, snorkel, fins, and additional accessories, this mesh bag is a practical and stylish choice for any diving enthusiast.

This comprehensive gear package from Tusa is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality and innovation, providing divers with a seamless and enjoyable underwater experience. Whether exploring the depths of the ocean or enjoying a casual snorkeling trip, this set ensures reliability, comfort, and performance.

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Mask Options
Tusa Serene Pro Adult Combo
Serene Pro Adult Combo
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Tusa Travel right dive fins (SF-0110)
TUSA's new Travel Right Fin is the newest addition to our Scuba Diving gear. Lightweight and Ideal for travelers. This compact design is ultrasoft and meant to be worn barefoot.
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Tusa Deluxe Mesh Bag (drawstring) MEB-50TUSA
Large storage capacity and simple functionality rolled into one!
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