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TUSA RS-790 Regulator

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Brand: Tusa
Category: Regulator
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R-700 First Stage
Dry Ambient Pressure Chamber
The dry ambient pressure chamber on the R-700 prevents water contact with the diaphragm and sping maximizing performance, at any depth, in cold water conditions below 10 degrees C

Ideal For Cold Water Environments
The R-700 is engineered for cold water diving. It features a ribbed top cap section that acts like a radiator to increase the surface area for heat transfer. This design allows warming of the critical internal first stage parts that can freeze due to the gas pressure drops at low temperatures.

High Flow Ports
Two high flow low pressure ports are available on the R-700 in addition to two standard LP ports and 2 HP ports. The high flow ports are positioned near the diaphragm and offer up to 15% increase in air flow.

S-90 Second Stage
Pneumatically Balanced System
The S-90 second stage is a pneumatically balanced design. A small chamber positioned at the end of the poppet assembly traps air and forces the poppet back against the intermediate pressure orifice. This provides decreased inhalation resistance and increases smooth breathing in all conditions.

Venturi Adjustment Lever
The S-90 is equipped with a built-in Venturi adjustment lever. Two positions are selectable by the diver. Use Surface or the minimum setting when entering the water or on the surface, reducing the sensitivity and possible free flow of the second stage. Use the Dive or maximum setting for maximum air flow during the dive.

Main Features
First Stage (R-700)


Second Stage (S-90)




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