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Drawstring Mesh Bag

Brand: Tusa
Category: Bags


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The new Tusa mesh bag is durable and practical - not to mention looking great!
Sporting the Tusa logo, the drawstring feature keeps your kit in one place while the solid bottom keeps any potential seepage to a minimum.
The perfect size (72cm x 43cm) with enough room for all your snorkel gear but easy and light enough to carry with the shoulder strap.

The new Tusa mesh bag MEB-50, simple functionality:

  • Large storage capacity 72cm(h) x 43cm(w)
  • Reinforced nylon mesh centre section
  • Solid nylon lower section to reduce wear & tear
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Drawstring seal with locking toggle

Ideal for any sport including swimming and beach use, combined with a Tusa Mask, snorkel and fins it can hold all your wet gear separately from your clothes

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