Suunto Cobra 3

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Continuous Decompression
PC Download
Log Book Memory         
RGBM Nitrox Compatible         
Maximum Depth Alarm / Bottom Time Alarm
Air Integration     
Replaceable Battery
Electroluminescent Display
Bookmark Facility
Calendar / Clock Function
Dive Simulator

Suunto Cobra III Details
Deeper Understanding
Suunto Cobra uses the Suunto Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM), which is an advanced algorithm for tracking both dissolved and free gas in your blood and tissues. It can address a number of diving circumstances outside the range of just dissolved gas models. For example, it can monitor continuous multi-day diving, compute closely spaced repetitive diving and take into account adverse dives deeper than the previous ones.

Suunto Cobra implements a Suunto-specific ceiling and floor feature. The decompression floor is the deepest point at which your decompression stop time will not increase. The decompression ceiling is the shallowest point to which you should ascend. These depths provide the range where the diver utilizes the decompression stop most efficiently.

Suunto Cobras features include: separate 3-step altitude and personal adjustments for more tailored settings, dive simulator and dive planner, adjustable maximum depth and dive time alarms, automatic safety stop countdown, an electro-luminescent backlight that lights up automatically when important alarms are given, and a calendar clock.

The extensive memory functions include the lifetime history memory and a 36-hour logbook with a dive profile memory. You can adjust the default 20-second sampling rate to 10, 30 or 60 seconds. When set to 60 seconds, you can increase the logbook memory up to 100 hours.

During the dive, you can enter bookmarks into the logbook for further reference. You can view the stored dive information, including profiles, directly on the display or download it to a PC.

Air integration includes such features as temperature-compensated tank pressure and estimated remaining air time with low cylinder pressure warning. Suunto Cobra is 300-bar (5000 psi) compatible.

In the Nitrox mode, you can program Suunto Cobra for nitrox mixtures of 21% to 50% oxygen in 1% increments. You can adjust the oxygen partial pressure from 1.2 to 1.6 bar in 0.1-unit increments.

You can further complement Suunto Cobra by attaching the SK-7 compass to the Cobra console.

Information in Action
Whether diving in familiar waters or exploring unknown oceans, safety is essential. Suunto Cobra is packed with solutions enabling safe and responsible decisions underwater. The depth, time and decompression measurement, and air integration assure that you know precisely how much time you have spent in the depths, how deep you are, when you have to surface and how fast you can do it. This way you can maximize the diving performance without jeopardizing your safety.

The extensive memory and logbook functions enable you to keep track of your past dives and through them you can monitor your progress and plan your training accordingly.


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