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Shearwater Teric Journeys edition

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Brand: Shearwater
Category: Dive Computers
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Divers now have access to a dive computer and daily watch with unheard-of capabilities thanks to the Shearwater Research Teric - Bronze (Journey Edition). There are many watch faces, customizable colour schemes that you may use to match your style, air integration for up to two gases, freediving mode, technical and recreational dive modes, OC and CC, 3D compass, programmable timers, alarms, and stopwatch... Additionally, Shearwater Cloud is seamlessly integrated.

The dive helmets and equipment used by divers over the years inspired The Journeys Edition, which was reinvented in classic underwater adventure tales and motion pictures.

The Journeys Edition Teric is a stylish, classic timepiece with a striking bronze bezel and a black strap. No matter where you are—on the surface, diving to new depths, or paddling through coral—our new bronze bezel is impressive.

Shearwater Teric Journeys Edition

A premium sleeve with a distinctive underwater adventure design is included with the ballistic case. The golden colour goes well with many already-existing accessory straps to match your diving and surface appearance.

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