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Sharkskin High Performance Wear Long Sleeve - Womens

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The new Sharkskin High Performance Wear longsleeve top uses a combination of the world’s most advanced fabric technologies in its unique design. This new top is a step up from the standard Performance Wear top and has been designed to help you to get even more out of your training, competition and recreation sessions.

How does it achieve this? The entire front and lower back uses Chillproof 3-layer windchill proof fabric to keep your core and kidney area warm. The front also has a ½ zip for 100% warmth when you zip up, or allows you to unzip and vent when needed for body temperature regulation.

The shoulders and arms are covered with a new Hydrophobic Nanotech Compression fabric. This new compression fabric is heavier-weight to provide more insulation and better compression properties to help speed recovery, yet is extremely flexible to provide total freedom of movement across the back and shoulders for active watersports.

The compression fabric uses Hydro-Lock technology to repel water and to minimise water absorption even when submerged for a truly Hydrophobic finish.

The fabric also uses the same Far Infrared (FIR) Nano-technology from the Sharkskin R-Series Compression range. By embedding titanium into the fabric three performance enhancements are achieved – 1. A further boost in warmth from your body’s reflected heat, 2. A boost in the health, performance and recovery benefits attributed to the Far Infrared radiation created, 3. A permanent anti-microbial effect.

The wrist has a welded-band cuff to keep it super secure and to stop it riding up when paddling or swimming. The shoulder area uses “posture right” kinaesthetic panels that help with musculoskeletal form for all active watersports where you are using shoulder and arm rotation.

High Performance Wear is specifically designed to help you excel in active watersports like paddling, ocean swimming, sailing, windsurf, kitesurf and all foiling watersports, etc. It is also great for static watersports like scuba diving and snorkelling in warmer water, and jetski, etc, where core warmth is important and you need a compression fabric with a bit more warmth to protect from the air and sea temperature but retain the compression design for maximum performance. High Performance Wear is available in a longsleeve design for UPF50+ sun protection and comes in Black/Grey colour.

Performance Wear Features

Chillproof panels to keep you warm and protected from the elements -

Hydrophobic Nanotech Compression panels strategically placed to aid in endurance and muscle recovery –

Neoprene panels in the seat and shin areas for extra stretch and comfort –

Additional properties -

Designed to last

We source the world’s most technically advanced materials, create the highest quality design and utilize the best manufacturing techniques to create garments that are built to last.

Eco Friendly

At SHARKSKIN we are passionate about watersports activities and we care about minimising our impact on the environment. We use biodegradable and compostable packaging bags, minimise waste in our manufacturing and design long lasting products.

Sharkskin Performance Guarantee

SHARKSKIN garments come with a 2-year guarantee on workmanship. Excludes fading and degeneration as a result of excessive exposure to chlorine or sunlight. We guarantee SHARKSKIN will perform as advertised.

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