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Mares Quad Air w/ Transmitter

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A step up from the Quad, the revolutionary Quad Air dive computer collects information wirelessly from the dive tank and can read the tank's pressure. Includes four easy-use buttons, a three-row layout, and an amazingly clear display!



Maximum depth  150m
Memory capacity  > 100hr
Profile Sampling Rates  5s
Stopwatch  Yes
Display  Segment Display
Residual Nitrogen Reset  Yes
User Replaceable Batteries  Yes
Option to Exclude Audible Alarm  Yes
Ascent Rate Digital Indicator (m/min - ft/min)  Yes
Gas switching  Yes


Tank LED Module

The LED Tank Module communicates tank data to your computer along with a visually stimulating tool that changes colours. Very helpful for your dive instructor or your friend during the training. Mares Quad air and Mares Icon HD can connect with this new LED module.

Green, Yellow, and Red are the three colours of the LED displayed on top of this transmitter. 

Green: between 150 and 300 bar
Yellow: between 50 and 150 bar
Red: Less than 50 bar



Transmits tank information
Color LED for quick tank check on the surface
Color LED alerts buddy of low air situation during dive
Permanent pairing
EN250:2014 certified to 300bar
Battery type: CR123A, user replaceable

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Wrist Computer
The innovative Quad Air dive computer is a step-up from the Quad, able to read the tanks pressure, it receives data directly from the dive tank via a wireless transmitter. Also includes a magnificently clear display, three-row layout and four buttons for intuitive use!
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