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Mares Atlas Pack

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Explore the underwater world like never before with the Mares Scuba Gear Collection, renowned for its exceptional quality and performance. Whether you're a seasoned diver or just starting your underwater journey, our range of top-notch equipment will meet and exceed your expectations.

  1. ATLAS ADJ 62X Regulator

    Dive into excellence with the all-new ATLAS ADJ 62X regulator from Mares. Crafted entirely from high-quality metal, this regulator is designed to satisfy even the most demanding divers. Its high-performance features make it the perfect choice for both recreational and technical diving.

    • Advanced Technology: The 62X first stage incorporates Auto Sealing Technology (AST) to prevent water from entering the first stage, ensuring your safety underwater. Dynamic Flow Control (DFC) guarantees a constant and high airflow.

    • Solid and Reliable: The second stage is constructed entirely from metal, providing durability and dependability. Whether you're diving in cold water or exploring deep depths, the Atlas Adj 62X is your ideal companion.

    • Competitive Pricing: Despite its premium features, this regulator is competitively priced, offering exceptional value for your diving adventures.


    For divers seeking compactness and versatility, look no further than the SXS Octopus from Mares. This ultra-compact octopus is one of the smallest on the market, making it perfect for travelers and those desiring lightweight gear.

    • Lightweight and Versatile: The SXS Octopus offers outstanding performance while remaining lightweight and versatile.
  3. XR-Rec Trim Single Backmount Set

    Elevate your diving experience with the XR-Rec Trim Single Backmount Set. This set takes your dive to the next level with perfect trim adjustment for extended range diving. Customizing your fit and buoyancy is now a breeze.

    • Advanced Design: The redesigned Skeleton design and aluminum backplate reduce excess weight, making it an ideal choice for travel.

    • Improved Stability: Volume reduction by 40% compared to the previous version contributes to enhanced stability and trim.

    • Comfort Features: Enjoy added comfort with a soft back panel, lower back padding, and removable shoulder padding.

    • Easy Adjustments: The set includes two tank straps with stainless steel screws and two aluminum D-rings on the waist strap for attaching stage tanks.

    • Durable and Lightweight: With features like a silver ceramic-coated stainless steel belt buckle and independent shoulder and waist straps, this set is built to last.

    • Main Features:

      • 17-liter, 1000D Cordura, single backmount bladder
      • Ergonomic overpressure valve placement for use in all diving positions
      • Quick and easy waist strap adjustment
      • Buckles on both shoulder straps
      • Adjustable crotch strap for improved stability
      • Lightweight design at only 2.8kg for easy travel.
  4. MISSION 1 Dive Pressure Gauge

    The Mission 1 dive pressure gauge sets the standard in instrument design. Suitable for pressures up to 300 bar, it features an ergonomic design, excellent readability, and practical attachment options, making it an essential tool for divers of all levels.

    • New Modular Design: The Mission 1 boasts a new modular design for versatility and convenience.

    • Easy-to-Read Display: The gauge features a clear and easy-to-read display, ensuring you have critical information at your fingertips.

    • Durable Construction: Crafted with a brass case and a technopolymer window for longevity.

    • Phosphorescent Dial: Dive confidently even in low-light conditions with the phosphorescent dial.

    • Protective Rubber Console: The gauge is integrated into a shockproof plastic case for added durability.

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Mares ATLAS 62X
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BCD Option
XR-Rec TRIM Single Backmount Set
The XR-Rec Trim Single Backmount Set offers perfect trim adjustment, helping the Extended Range diver find the perfect trim required for technical diving.
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Mares Octopus SXS
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Gauge and Computer Options
Instrument MISSION 1 SPG
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