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Faber Steel Tanks 232 bar with din/K valve (9L/10.5L/12.2L/15L)

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Brand: Faber
Category: Tank
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Its Steel its a Faber
Faber steel cylinders give you the quality and performance you expect and appreciate in a steel scuba cylinder.
With one of the widest ranges of sizes in the market today Faber cylinders offer you the needed volume and flexibility to maximise your bottom time.

Cylinder Valves:

As standard we supply the Italian made  DIN to Yoke convertible, cross-flow valve with 232 bar Faber cylinders.
However, you can also order your cylinder with a high pressure DIN valve, or unvalved.

   Valve Oxygen Cleaning:

If you are planning to use the cylinder with Enriched Air Nitrox (Nitrox) mixes up to 100% oxygen, it's essential for the safety of the cylinder user and the person filling the cylinder that the valve be oxygen cleaned and prepared with special o-rings, seats, and grease designed for exposure to pure oxygen. The cylinder should then be banded with the familiar yellow and green Nitrox band/wrap/sticker, and an Oxygen Clean 'In Test' inspection sticker applied. Dive Imports  can do all of this for you as an add-on service.

 Cylinder Boot

Faber 232 bar steel cylinders are supplied with a self-draining flexible PVC cylinder boot to fit the round bottomed Faber tanks already installed.
This protects the bottom of your cylinder and provides a streamlined profile for tank racks or doubling tanks.

232 bar Cylinder Specifications:

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