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Cressi Spider Go Gloves

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Brand: Cressi
Category: Gloves
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The Cressi Spider Go glove is a neoprene glove that is suitable for spearfishing, scuba diving and snorkelling through the warmer months. It is a 2.5mm in thickness which will give warmth and protection when in the water. It is an ultra stretch single lined neoprene material that is covered in PVC spots that give grip when coming down the dive line or grabbing a slippery fish. The Spider Go gloves allows for a sensitive touch as they are a preformed shape for a natural position on your hand allowing a more sensitve feel. Wearing a glove is a ideal way to prevent any scratches and abrasions when diving or snorkelling so grabbing the Go gloves is a must. Cressi High Stretch 5-Finger Gloves are made from single lined soft, high stretch nylon l neoprene.


The inside of the glove is covered in metallite which make them easy to put on. The anatomical preformed shape favors the natural position of the hand, with semi-bent fingers. The entire outside surface of the glove is covered with a non-slip finish for a sure grip in all conditions or situations. Model where the most important feature is its maximum elasticity, made in low density neoprene and Ultrastretch® lining in both sides reinforced with PV spots on the exterior part. Extraordinarily elastic gloves of medium resistance.

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