Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer

Brand: Cressi
Category: Dive Computers
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Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer.

The Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer is the first dive computer designed and built entirely by Cressi.

A functional design, the Leonardo is a must-have for divers entering the sport and those who “just want to dive.” This Dive Computer has proven to be a reliable workhorse both for Recreational Divers and Dive Centres.

A single button interface makes the Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer effortless to program.  The Leonardo has Air, Nitrox and Gauge modes. From the first time a diver picks the computer up, and an edge-to-edge, high-definition screen gives large numerical displays in a computer that is still compact and travel-friendly. Ideal for divers who need a large screen to display information.

The clearly visible battery life indicator and distinct audible alarms deliver critical information as well as peace-of-mind during the dive.

The Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer features:

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