XTX200 + XTX 40 Yoke STG3

Brand: Apeks
Category: Regulator
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Apeks XTX200 Primary Regulator

The Apeks XTX200 uses the proven FSR type first stage as found on the Apeks ATX200. This Apeks XTX200 first stage features a new bright chrome finish. The Apeks XTX200 second stage, although shipped in a standard right-hand configuration, can be reversed into a left-hand configuration by your authorized technician.

 The Apeks XTX200 is available in either DIN or Yoke configurations
 Compatible to EAN 40 right out of the box is standard on the Apeks XTX200
 XTX 200 second stage comes with adjustable exhaust ports, narrow or wide.  

XTX40 Octopus

The Apeks XTX40 octopus incorporates a new two-shot high strength composite front cover, improving the durability of the most vulnerable part of the demand valve. An octopus can be particularly prone to damage and so this is of significant benefit on all Apeks XTX series.

The new ergonomic Venturi lever of the Apeks XTX40 has been designed to reduce the amount of grit ingress.

A new silicone exhaust valve has been used on the Apeks XTX40 octopus improving breathing performance

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