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Apeks SPG, Depth and Compass w/Miflex Hose (PG/DG/CP)

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Brand: Apeks
Category: Gauges
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The Apeks SPG Depth and Compass Combo is an exceptional quality diving gauge that provides accurate and clear readings. Crafted from top-quality materials, this gauge ensures perfect functionality and excellent durability. The gauge is measured in bar, while the depth gauge is in metric.

Featuring a nickel-plated brass case and a highly shock-resistant dial window made of anti-splinter polycarbonate, this diving gauge is designed to withstand accidental damage. A specially designed housing protects the gauge and HP hose fitting, and a large loop area allows for easy attachment. Additionally, an over-pressure capsule is fitted at the back of the gauge to prevent the screen from exploding in case of internal mechanism failure.

The gauges are made with O2 compatible materials and need to be O2 cleaned before use with high percentage oxygen. The dials have a long phosphorescent effect, making them easy to read in poor visibility conditions. The design integrates two attachment areas for position flexibility, and although compact, the displays are vivid and clear, making them perfect for diving. For example, the depth gauge displays a range down to 230 feet and includes a resettable max depth indicator.

The compass ratchet bezel is robust and can be rotated with ease even with thick neoprene gloves. The numbers and directions on the compass bezel are large and very easy to read, and the luminous compass dial provides a vivid and clear display that makes it easy to determine compass direction, even in poor visibility conditions.

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