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Apeks Exotec Pack

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Looking for top-notch scuba equipment at unbeatable prices? You're in luck! Dive enthusiasts, we present the Apeks Scuba Gear Sale, featuring premium diving gear that will elevate your underwater adventures. Explore the depths with confidence and style with these exceptional Apeks products:

1. Apeks XTX200 / XTX40 Stage 3 Set

Dive deeper and explore further with the Apeks XTX200 / XTX40 Stage 3 Set, now available at an incredible discount. This top-of-the-line regulator set is ideal for shallow or deep dives and offers unparalleled performance and style. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer!

Key Features and Benefits:   


Experience the revolution in dive comfort with the Apeks EXOTEC BCD, now on sale. Designed to fit like no other BCD, it offers unbeatable comfort and functionality, making your dives truly exceptional.

   Key Features:

3. Apeks SPG Miflex Hose

  Add precision to your dives with the Apeks Submersible Pressure Gauge, now with an amazing discount. This reliable gauge ensures your safety and enjoyment underwater.

  Key Features:

Package Items

Apeks XTX200 + XTX 40 STG3
Buy an APEKS XTX200 Regulator with an XTX40 Occy for a top-class Apeks set!
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BCD Option
Apeks Exotec BC
Get Apeks Exotec BCD and feel the difference!

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Gauge and Computer Options
Apeks SPG Miflex Hose
Apeks Pressure & Compass with hose ( 80cm )

Apeks new range of quality, accurate and stylish gauges and gauge consoles now includes a compact and unique Pressure Gauge . The pressure (contents) gauge offers a range from 0 to 360 bar.
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