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5 Day PRO DIVE Learn to Scuba Dive Course

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I hire a camera when diving with PRO DIVE Cairns?

If you prebook camera hire before your trips, it is $40 per day, Othewise hire onboard is $40 per dive.

Note price at June-2018

What Brand of hire gear do you have onboard?
  • Technisub stratus full foot fins
  • Tusa Liberator Masks
  • Aqualung Wave BCDs
  • Aqualung Calypso regs with compass and Suunto Zoop computers
  • 5mm Neptune ¾ leg, long arm wetsuits
  • 3mm Neptune/Aqualung hoods (seasonal)
  • dive light: Aqualung lumen HD or Princeton Tec Torrent LED

Accurate as if 6 September 2018

Marine animals

What will I see diving on The Great Barrier Reef?

A lot! Whether you are a diver or a snorkeller, you will be amazed by what the Great Barrier Reef has to offer. There are up to 1500 species of fish, 350 different corals, 400 species of molluscs and 10,000 species of sponges.

What about attacks from barracuda, sharks, eels and giant squid?

Bee stings kill more people than do sharks - but shark attacks make better movies. (Just how cool would Leonardo have looked if he'd been fighting off a bumblebee in The Beach?)

In reality, there are no aquatic animals that routinely attack humans, unless you provoke them by poking them, sticking your hand into their home, or getting too close to one with territorial instincts.
As part of your certification lessons, you'll learn some common-sense precautions. Most of these, however, are more for the protection of sea creatures than of you. You pose a much larger threat to them than they do to you. (Compare, for example, the number of humans who will eat squid sushi today, versus the number of squid who munch on human sushi - ever!)   


Are there sharks on the Great Barrier Reef?

Yes, there are sharks in every ocean. A variety of sharks inhabit the Great Barrier Reef. What we most commonly encounter are smaller species which pose no threat to divers or snorkellers. The shark that Australia is infamous for, the Great White Shark, does not exist in Far North Queensland.


What do I do with my extra luggage?
PRO DIVE Cairns can store any additional luggage you may have at their retail shop for your trip duration.
Be aware there is limited space on the boat.
If a friend / partner is a certified diver or non diver, can they come on the same trip with me while Im on the course?
Yes - your friend / partner will be buddied up with another certified diver onboard while you complete your 4 training dives. After that you will have the opportunity to complete 5 pleasure dives together.
There is plenty of time throughout the whole trip to snorkel and socialise with a non diver if you are traveling with someone who doesnt dive/snorkel.
Can you pick me up from my accommodation?
Yes PRO DIVE Cairns can provide complimentary transfers from your Cairns & Northern Beaches accommodation, as far as Palm Cove.
Please Note;
Port Douglas & Kuranda transfers are not available.
Please be aware we don't pick up from Residential houses also.

Can you smoke on the boat?

Yiu can smoke on the top deck, usually at towards to end of the boat but it depends on the winds.


How safe is diving the Great Barrier Reef?

The Queensland dive industry has the best safety statistics of any diving destination worldwide. Dive operators are required to comply with strict government workplace health and safety standards.

What is the best time of year to dive in Tropical North Queensland
The warm waters of Tropical North Queensland are ideal for year round diving.
Water temperature can vary from 22' to 28' Celsius (75' to 85'F).

Summer (Dec-Feb)
Overall great marine life activity with plenty to see
Visibility - Excellent
Water temperature 29?C (85?F)
Generally calm sea conditions
Low to moderate rain - generally at night

Autumn (Mar-May)
Overall great marine life activity with plenty to see
Visibility - Good
Water temperature 25-27?C (80?F)
Calm to moderate sea conditions
Potential moderate rain

Winter (Jun-Aug)

Minke Whales & Humpback Whales
Visibility - Good
Water temperature 22-24?C (70?F)
Moderate sea conditions
Low rainfall

Spring (Sep-Nov)
Humpback Whales & Coral Spawning (Nov)
Visibility - Excellent
Water temperature 25-27?C (80?F)
Generally calm sea conditions
Low rain fall

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