3 Day / 2 Night Liveaboard for Certified Divers

Frequently Asked Questions


What Brand of hire gear do you have onboard?
  • Technisub stratus full foot fins
  • Tusa Liberator Masks
  • Aqualung Wave BCDs
  • Aqualung Calypso regs with compass and Suunto Zoop computers
  • 5mm Neptune ¾ leg, long arm wetsuits
  • 3mm Neptune/Aqualung hoods (seasonal)
  • dive light: Aqualung lumen HD or Princeton Tec Torrent LED

Accurate as if 6 September 2018

Can I hire a camera when diving with PRO DIVE Cairns?

If you prebook camera hire before your trips, it is $40 per day, Othewise hire onboard is $40 per dive.

Note price at June-2018

Marine animals

Are there sharks on the Great Barrier Reef?

Yes, there are sharks in every ocean. A variety of sharks inhabit the Great Barrier Reef. What we most commonly encounter are smaller species which pose no threat to divers or snorkellers. The shark that Australia is infamous for, the Great White Shark, does not exist in Far North Queensland.

I have heard about the stinging jellyfish. Can I still go diving?

Stingers, also known as box jellyfish, are coastal dwellers and are never seen on the reef. They breed in the estuaries and live their life on the shoreline, therefore do not pose a threat to divers on the reef. The jellyfish season is from November to April. Swimming enclosures are provided at local beaches for people to swim in.


What is the minimum age to go out on the boat?

The minimum age that PRO DIVE Cairns takes is 7 years. All Children under the age of 15 must be supervised by a partent/guardian at all times on the boat. There are no child minding services available

Can you pick me up from my accommodation?
Yes PRO DIVE Cairns can provide complimentary transfers from your Cairns & Northern Beaches accommodation, as far as Palm Cove.
Please Note;
Port Douglas & Kuranda transfers are not available.
Please be aware we don't pick up from Residential houses also.

Can I bring alcohol onboard?

Yes, you are allowed to bring alcohol on board, but in moderation as we only have limited space on all of our boats. Please note once any alcohol has been consumed, you are not allowed to go into the water again until the following day. Pro Dive Cairns encourages responsible drinking.

Is there somewhere I can securely park my car in Cairns?

We recommend the Betta Airport Parking which we do a pickup from.

Can you smoke on the boat?

Yiu can smoke on the top deck, usually at towards to end of the boat but it depends on the winds.

What is Reef Tax?
An additional fee of A$80  per person is payable direct to PRO DIVE Cairns. This fee includes $16.50 Government Environmental Management Charge as well as a Port Departure Tax and administration and Fuel levy.
What do I do with my extra luggage?
PRO DIVE Cairns can store any additional luggage you may have at their retail shop for your trip duration.
Be aware there is limited space on the boat.
What diving experiences can a scuba diver expect from a 3 day / 2 night Liveaboard trip with PRO DIVE Cairns?
  • Over the 3 days you will complete 11 dives, including 2 night dives.
  • We have exclusive dive sites over 4 different outer reef sites (names Flynn, Millne, Thetford and Pellowe).
  • Generally you will spend no more than 2 dives per dive site to ensure you experience the entire barrier reef.
  • Our trip itineraries allow for greater flexibility which allows for a variety of dive sites to be visited which ultimately provides everyone with a more personalized dive trip.

Training or Certifying Agencies

Do I need my certification card when boarding?
It is an Australian Government requirement that your certification card be sighted by the crew on all vessels before you can be permitted to dive. You cannot dive as a certified diver without producing your card.


How many divers will be with me on the trip?
PRO DIVE Cairns operate with smaller numbers to ensure a comfortable and safe diving trip. We hold a maximum of 32 passengers on any of our 3 premium liveaboard vessels (Scubapro, Scubapro II and Scubapro III).
There will be a mix of skill levels onboard - snorkellers, certified divers and people completing diving courses such as Advanced, Rescue and Divermaster courses.
What is the best time of year to dive in Tropical North Queensland
The warm waters of Tropical North Queensland are ideal for year round diving.
Water temperature can vary from 22' to 28' Celsius (75' to 85'F).

Summer (Dec-Feb)
Overall great marine life activity with plenty to see
Visibility - Excellent
Water temperature 29?C (85?F)
Generally calm sea conditions
Low to moderate rain - generally at night

Autumn (Mar-May)
Overall great marine life activity with plenty to see
Visibility - Good
Water temperature 25-27?C (80?F)
Calm to moderate sea conditions
Potential moderate rain

Winter (Jun-Aug)

Minke Whales & Humpback Whales
Visibility - Good
Water temperature 22-24?C (70?F)
Moderate sea conditions
Low rainfall

Spring (Sep-Nov)
Humpback Whales & Coral Spawning (Nov)
Visibility - Excellent
Water temperature 25-27?C (80?F)
Generally calm sea conditions
Low rain fall

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