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Pool Refresher - 2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I bring my own equipment?

Yes. We always recommend bringing your own mask and snorkel.

For divers, you may not take your own weights or tanks on the boat but you are welcome to bring everything else. We have both DIN and yoke style for your first stage, so just make sure to notify staff which one you need when you are checking in.

Dive Training

What do I bring to my pool and theory sessions?

Please bring swimwear, a towel, a dive medical if required, a valid form of ID, and lunch money.

How many people will be in my class?

Under RTSA standards, the student to instructor ratio never exceeds 8:1, but Pro Dive usually achieves 6:1 or better.

I've lost my certification card or travelling and left my card at home?

Lost your card and need a replacement or need immediate verification to be able to dive or book onto a specific dive course, this information should assist you.

Click here to learn more about Card Replacement or Vertification



What depths will I be diving to?

The Great Barrier Reef is not a deep dive destination. Depths in our dive sites range from 10-25 metres (30-80 feet), with the best diving generally occurring between 10 and 15 metres (30-50 feet). This means there are some amazing sites that stay shallow enough for all certified divers to enjoy, regardless of how advanced your diving certifications may be.

*All Prices are Per Person and Prices may vary depending on Start Dates and options.

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