Wreck Diver Specialty Course

Wreck diving is one of scuba divings greatest adventures.  If you are keen wreck diver and wish to attain the WRECK DIVER Certification or working towards your Master Scuba Diver Certification,  here is your opportunity to complete your training on one of Australia's newest Wreck Dive Sites - the Wreck of the HMAS Adelaide with Pro Dive Central Coast.  This  Wreck Diver Course covers aspects of practical knowledge, raises awareness of social and legal issues plus educates divers in wreck diving techniques that makes diving wrecks  a worthwhile pastime.

What You Learn:
Diving on and inside sunken wrecks can be quite hazardous.
The Pro-Dive Wreck Diver Course shows you the correct procedures to safely dive in and around sunken wrecks, having a great time and enjoying your dives.

The Scuba Gear You Use:
You use all the basic scuba gear, along with wreck reels, measuring quadrants and torches. Underwater cameras are a very good tool to extensively survey a wreck.

Learn the tips, tricks and ways to:
Survey a wreck, plan dives using lines, locate hazards and research vessels.

The Learning Materials You Need:
By reviewing the PADI Manual and DVD, you will learn the important aspects of Wreck Diving including, course terminology, etiquette, safety and procedures.


*All Prices are Per Person and Prices may vary depending on Start Dates.

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