Stress & Rescue Diver Course

How often does your partner perform a Pre-Dive safety check on you?

Rescue Divers perform this skill almost automatically, without you even being aware of it.

During your PRO DIVE Central Coast Rescue Diver Course you will learn how to search for a victim underwater, bring them to the surface, and begin in-water expired air resuscitation. There are several techniques used in this course that will allow you to customise your approach and responses.

There are four theory sessions, intermingled with twelve water sessions. You will be introduced to essential equipment and first aid requirements for both boat and shore-based responses. The Rescue Diver is someone who has been trained in the art of anticipation!!!

Stress is a major cause of divers getting themselves into trouble at a dive site. Your PRO DIVE Central Coast Rescue Diver Course shows you how to relieve some of that stress so that the dive can continue without any further problems. First Aid training is a prerequisite for this program, as a sound understanding of first aid techniques are required for you to complete your Pro-Dive Rescue Diver Course.

The Rescue Diver Course is your final requirement to obtaining your PADI Master Scuba Diver rating. This is the highest non-professional rating a diver should achieve before professional levels.

12 water sessions train you to anticipate a problem and deal with it before a real problem surfaces and someone is injured or hurt. You will learn how to release cramps from divers, tow them to safety, and many other skills before recovering a victim underwater, giving the patient expired air resuscitation and attending to their injuries once ashore.

This is a very interesting and extensive program that will reward you greatly. It is run over two weekends with four night theory sessions, but it may also be run full time. Ask Bob or Tina for your special timetable requirements.

To enrol in the PRO DIVE Rescue Diver Course you will need to have completed your Advanced Diver and Pro-Dive Senior First Aid Courses. There is a written exam at the completion of the program that must be passed as well as a scenario, presented to you by your Pro-Dive Rescue Diver Instructor.


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