Adventure Diver Course

Now that you have finished your Open Water Diver Course, you are able to dive!

While many divers learn to dive and never consider completing another course, this need not be the end of your dive education. If you want to explore specialised types of diving, continuing education will improve your skills and your diving knowledge.

Our most popular course is the Advanced Open Water Diver Course which is designed to really enhance your diving skills. We emphasise that you dive for fun and enjoyment and you will gain a greater appreciation for your new surroundings. If you have not dived for a while then this course can help to bring you back on track. For the new diver, these skills offered will allow you to dive in areas officially off-limits to Open Water Divers.

Every dive from your Advanced Open Water Diver Course will advance your skills to safely partake in more adventurous diving. If you follow all the safety guidelines of being a responsible diver, you may even credit them towards a corresponding specialty course such as Deep, Night, Wreck and other courses.

This course is open to all divers with a certification card and takes into consideration your previous training.

Your PRO DIVE Central Coast Advanced Open Water Diver Course consists of a deep dive to 30 metres, underwater navigation using both natural and compass navigation methods, Peak performance buoyancy dive, naturalist dive and a drift dive in a current. With an optional night dive.

All dives are designed to educate you in the finer points of diving especially chosen, purely for your enjoyment and fun learning.


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