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Frequently Asked Questions


I'm new to diving and I want to buy some equipment. Which piece of equipment should be the first?

There are two schools of thought on this. One is that you should not really consider purchasing your personal gear until you are sure what type of diving you like. This school believes you should buy only mask, fins and snorkel, for fit and sanitary reasons.
The other school of thought is that rental gear, especially in international tropical locations, is often second rate and poorly maintained, and that gear you purchase will be better and more reliable.

Also once you have some idea about what you need, it is always recommended you buy the best quality you can afford. Scuba equipment is after all, life support equipment. 

Most start with mask, fins, snorkel, then probably move to a wetsuit, then regulator and BCD. Typically people agree a cylinder is probably the last piece of equipment to buy.

Source: (adapted by Sue Crowe)

Training or Certifying Agencies

What's the difference between RAID, SSI, NAUI and PADI Certification?
  • There are many International Certifications around the worlds - ISC, PADI, SSI, SDI, NAUI, RAID, BSAC, CMAS just to name a few.
  • All Internationally recognised certifications conform to the ISO Standard, which has been adopted by Standards Australia and by the major training agencies.
  • Training agencies do not teach dive courses. Dive Centres and their instructors do. Since 1969 PRO DIVE has been teaching Sydney how to dive, longer than anyone else.

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