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Openwater Course - 2 Weekends - Central Coast

$495.00* Normally: $595.00 Save 17%

Learning to scuba dive is a fun and exciting adventure sport you will enjoy to participate in every day of the week. Scuba diving will take you all over the world meeting the mysterious creatures that live in the marine environment.

My name is Bob Diaz from Pro-Dive Central Coast, I have been teaching people like yourself to scuba dive safely. For the past  twenty five years. I have always used the most up-to-date training techniques and state of the art scuba equipment. - I want you to have fun whilst at the same time, I will make certain you are ready to scuba dive safely by becoming comfortable in the water using the skills and equipment I will show you.

I will take you through the theory sessions and be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your program learning to scuba dive.

PRO DIVE Central Coast uses the most up-to-date training techniques and equipment to make certain you are ready to dive safely. When you book onto one of our courses, you will start your course at home .  You will complete all your theory online.

Being underwater on the first day of your dive course will show you all the wonders of our playground. We hope you enjoy your PRO DIVE Central Coast Open Water Diver Course with us. 

Dive right in now!

On the very first day, you are off to our purpose built, private indoor heated training pool for your first scuba session- Pro-Dive teach you to scuba dive by practising scuba skills that become easier the more times you perform them.

The scuba skills build upon themselves until they become instinctive. This takes time and as Pro-Dive Central Coast has the only purpose built indoor, heated 3 metre deep training pool.

Time is never hurried, nor wasted waiting in line.

You will only need to provide your own transport, four passport-type colour photos and your swimming gear, towels, etc.

We do suggest you purchase your own personal equipment such as mask,snorkel, boots and fins after your five pool sessions, for your final ocean dives.

This is easy using our exclusive No deposit- 12 months interest free options for your purchases. (Cond. apply).

Please take time to check out our web page covering  the Dive Medical Requirements and Fitness to Dive.




  • International diver certification
  • Online elearning
  • Your own personal online Logbook
  • Pool training dives in our private indoor, heated pool
  • Four exciting open water shores dives at a local training site
  • Use of scuba gear - excluding mask, snorkel, fins and boots.
  • Optional extra- Double Boat Dive upon completion of your course. (Fee applies)

You must complete an RSTC Dive Medical Statement 10 days before  your course commencement date.

Personal Items such as mask, snorkel and fins are NOT included in your course  (It is recommended you purchase your own snorkeling gear for this program). 

Transport and meals

Workplace Health & Safety recommend that students have their own snorkeling equipment for hygiene reasons. Use your own personal Mask, snorkel, fins and boots

Additional pool or ocean training, if required - ($100 - including transfer fee)


Children need to be at least 12 years of age to participate. 

Children under the age of 18 must have the written consent and permission of their parent or guardian.

Australian standards stipulate that all course participants must be able to swim 200 metres continuously and tread water for 10 minutes or more.

Some medical conditions may prevent you from diving. For example: heart disease, asthma, epilepsy or diabetes.
If you are unsure of a particular medical condition consult a physician knowledgeable in scuba diving.
Please note: Australian medical standards are different to those overseas. A scuba diving medical obtained in another country will NOT be valid in Australia.
Please check with us prior to your reservation.

PRO DIVE takes all care and consideration in providing the correct information; the onus is upon you to make yourself aware of all inclusions or exclusions.

Call 61+ 2 4389 3483 for further information.



Your ONLINE must be completed prior to the course commencement.
Please allow approximately 6-7 Hours  to complete the  ELearning
How to Register for E Learning: 
All students will need to self register for online Learning.
Please follow this link for Information Sheet on how to register

The online theory component of your Open Water course, will take about 6-7 hours to complete so please make sure you leave enough time to complete, before the start of your course. The theory MUST be completed before your course. Please note you will not be allowed to continue or be certified without this.

If prompted- You will also need to select your dive centre, please select “Australia” for country and either “NSW-> 2261 CENTRAL COAST -> PRO DIVE CENTRAL COAST” or “NSW -> 2261 KILLARNEY VALE-> PRO DIVE Central Coast.

Finally, please make sure you read the terms and conditions before ticking the box indicating you agree with them.

Your login details will now be emailed to you. Please use these details to login into the system and complete your registration.

You will need a digital photo of yourself to upload to your profile (see below). This will be the photo that will appear on your certification card.

Prodive Central Coast will get a notification of you registering and will provide you with access to the online Learning. They have to manually do this, so naturally it can only be done during office hours. If this is done during office hours and you do not receive a confirmation email, within 1 hour, please give your dive centre a call on  02 4389 3483

Given this, if it is after hours and you have registered and want to begin, feel free to start the SCUBA Diver program, as this will be credited when we link you the following morning to Open Water.

Day One
Fill in paperwork, collect Medical forms, etc.
Organise wetsuit and scuba sizing.
Purchase Mask, snorkel, open heel fins and boots.

Pool training sessions
Assembling scuba gear
Breathing underwater for the very first time
Learning how to use scuba equipment and practise skills for safe and fun, scuba diving
You will complete a pool session, learning all skills as per standard
Ample practice time, to establish mastery of skills and competence

Day Two
Open water Dive One
Briefing and equipment preparation
Pre dive safety checks.
Skills as per standard
Underwater exploration of the bays' sandy floor and the reef walls
Debrief and log dive in personal Dive Log book.

Open water Dive Two
Briefing and equipment preparation
Pre dive safety checks
Skills as per standard
Further underwater exploration of reef walls.
Debrief and log dive in personal Dive Log book.

Day Three
Open water Dive Three
Briefing and equipment preparation
Pre dive safety checks
Skills as per standard
Further explore bays floor and reef system
Debrief and log dive in personal Dive Log book.

Open water Dive Four
Briefing and equipment preparation
Pre dive safety checks.
Skills as per standard
Underwater exploration
Debrief and log dive in personal Dive Log book.

Day Four
Optional Double boat dive  (Fee applies)
Explore the underwater world with your new dive buddies.
Today you will be diving two different open water dive sites off the coast.
All scuba hire equipment is supplied.


Please note:
Schedule may vary according to learners requirements, weather and unforeseen circumstances, but standards will be adhered to at all times.



  • Must be able to swim non stop, for 200 metres
  • Tread water or drown proof float for a minimum of ten minutes
  • Complete the student medical waiver form and if a full medical is required, to be done at least 10 days prior to course start date
  • Complete all Knowledge Reviews included in the online training before commencing in water dives.
  • Organise your own transport, food and accommodation.
  • Have and use your own personal Mask, snorkel, fins and boots
  • Have your own swimmers and towel.
  • Personal dive quality, Mask, snorkel, boots and Fins (snorkelling equipment)

Meeting Point

9am @ PRO DIVE Central Coast

163 Wyong Road, Killarney Vale, NSW 2261

Address:163 Wyong Road, Killarney Vale, NSW 2261


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