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Social snorkeling is a new idea in the works here at PRO DIVE.  After several customers expressed interest in forming a group that would get together every week or so to go snorkeling we have decided to make things happen. People who join the social snorkeling club would meet every weekend or weekday afternoons (whenever is convenient) and go snorkeling at Shelley Beach or another similar site. Afterwards members can have a coffee or tea together and relax, enjoy Sydneys beautiful weather and have a chat. This is a great way to do something active and meet new people. For many people who decide to try it will be a perfect, gentle introduction to appreciating the marvelous aquatic world we live so close to but know so little about. Interested? Please do not hesitate to make a comment below and start a discussion about when you would be available to get together for the first social snorkeling event. This idea is in its very early stages right now but it has lots of potential and could turn into a fun activity.