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30th June Sealife V Dive Report

Without any exaggeration, diving today was extraordinary.  Grey Nurses were back at Magic Point and the schools of fish there were impressive as they were varied - even Fusiliers were to be seen there(as well as Moorish Idols, a Lion Fish, a school of Old Wives, and so much more!.  The second cave was magnificent.  It was definitely a shark dive as well with PJ’s as well as GN’s.  The dive was capped off with a very large Wobbie swimming below us and over the kelp. Macquarie Lighthouse beaconed next with maybe half a dozen seals lounging in the sun below. Except for a young pup wanting to enter the water and its mother saying ‘no’, the seals seemed happier to sunbake than to join us.  But approaching the rock ledge, a large seal found it too irresistible not to check us out.  It trundled to the water’s edge and then jumped in - and we then joined it underwater.  It pirouetted many times, swam past us again and again, was silhouetted against white water and looked at us individually as we looked at him.  But the pleasure of this dive site comes not just from seals.  It is replete with swim throughs, ravines, caves, overhangs, etc.  and so many fish - above us, below us (spread out pancake like), and next to us.  A vibrant large Giant Cuttlefish, exhibiting an dazzling array of colours, proved the sight was visiting not just for the seals and large schools of fish but also for its topography - and its Giant Cuttlefish!  The sudden drop offs of about 25-30m lent this topography extra interest:  there was so much to explore - meaning an abundance of choice!  The two dives, both with so many exceptional things to see and experience - left one wanting to see and explore more at both dives sites:  providing a genuine desire to visit these dive sites again!

Check out some clips from the dive

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