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Sydney Double Boat Dive


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"Staff were really friendly, helpful and patient when I was having some trouble. Thank you so much keep up the good work, will definitely recommend pro dive."
Mary Erian Sun 25-Sep-2016

"thanks for taking out such a small group I appreciated the dive not being cancelled. Some of us only have a small window of free time. Many thanks great and enjoyable as always"
Graham Christian Thu 01-Sep-2016

"4 brilliant dives. All the dive professionals on the boat were knowledgeable of the dive sites and willing to help with any problems, as well as being fun to be around. Diving off Sealife V never fails to impress."
James Amphlett Sun 21-Aug-2016

"Grant was great and made the whole experience exciting and fun"
andrew nunn Sun 31-Jul-2016

"great staff and great boat, very professional, what more do you need. Well done Prodive."
Ian Burgess Sun 24-Jul-2016

"Geoff, Grant and the skipper were great - very helpful, professional and had a few good stories too! Set up on the boat was good. Consideration was given to the state of the seas when we got out which meant a slight change of plans to dive sites - which was good. Loved the party pies, sausage rolls, spring rolls and money bags!!"
Matthew Kempton Thu 21-Jul-2016

"Excellent morning at Magic Point and Old Man's Hat. Geoff and Grant were really helpful and looked after my friend and I who were new to diving. Looking forward to the next dive!"
Matthew Waite Thu 30-Jun-2016

"My first boat dive and the crew on board were great. Friendly and helpful. Look forward to my next boat dive with prodive. Cheers, Steve"
Steve Smithson Thu 23-Jun-2016

"Great dives at Blue Fish Point & The Wall. Skipper Tony & Dive Masters on board always supportive and keen to show the sights."
Tony Bevan Fri 03-Jun-2016

"Super friendly atmosphere all round!"
Adrian Arlt Sun 29-May-2016

"Thank you for a very enjoyable day.We were both very impressed with the professionalism of all the staff, in particular our dive guide Alex, who was very aware of all the divers in our group at all times, despite the lack of visibility . We will be back again, and look forward to diving with the crew again. Regards Michael and Nyrelle"
Michael Guyatt Thu 24-Mar-2016

"Great organisation of the trip. Everything ran smoothly and professionally"
Kiri-Ana Libbesson Sat 19-Mar-2016

"PRO DIVE was excellent to dive with! I would definitely book with them again the next time I am in Sydney!"
Chris Makowski Thu 10-Mar-2016

"The dive masters were brilliant. Jason was fantastic. Truly brilliant. Fun, easygoing, knowledgeable and so bloody enthusiastic. Went out of his way to make sure everyone in the group had a great morning on the boat and in the water."
alexis pullen Sun 06-Mar-2016

"always great, safe and professional team"
Graham Christian Thu 03-Mar-2016

"We had Jason as our dive guide/instructor, he was so lovely, nice and helpful. Made the experience a really positive one, especially as we were beginners and it was our first boat dive.
All the staff onboard the vessel were also very friendly and helpful! great tip overall! thanks :)"
Louise Castro Thu 03-Mar-2016

"Always nice to dive with you, we'll run outings, good fun and very professional."
Socrates Cappas Mon 22-Feb-2016

"Would highly recommend going aboard the Sealife V not only for the great dive sites, quality equipment and a good day out but for the most amazingly friendly and helpful staff.
Would like to say a big thank you to Grant, Tony, Ben, Jason and Peter."
Perri Bradley Mon 25-Jan-2016


"Although the weather was not good I really enjoyed the diving with a very professional company and I can't wait to come back again.I will gladly recommend you to my friends at home in Melbourne

Many thanks "
Steve Robins - 20-Sep-2015 

"I love diving with prodive."
Medi Vali - 18-Sep-2015 

"This trip was amazing. I only very recently completed my open water certification, this was my first dive since the course. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and made sure everyone felt comfortable and safe. They had warm refreshments between dives to keep us going, an the briefings were excellent in informing us on what we were going to do and at what depth. I will definitely be back. "
Lara Parata - 23-Jul-2015 

"Awesome trip to Magic Point. Sharks!"
Chris Lazzari - 12-Jul-2015 

"Shelley was a great guide to our trip to magic point.
She kindly provided some advice on my newly purchased BCD.
She also guided us flawlessly around the two dive sites splitting the groups as appropriate when people were cold or low on air.
Thanks also to Craig and Tony for running a tight ship. "
Matt Havilah - 27-Jun-2015 

"I was diving with the instructor Eric W, and the guy was amzing, he really know what he is doing plus a very approchable and friendly attitude. Awesome dive!"
Luis Garzon - 27-Jun-2015 

"i had a lot of fun, received lots of comforting and help when i got really cold and everyone was very nice and caring felt very happy and comfortable cant wait to dive again just going to wait till summer. "
Siena Gwillim - 09-Jul-2015 

"The trip was amazing. The staff make you feel like a part of the family as well as being professional at the same time. The knowledge they have & the excitement they want to share with everyone is great, & it doesn't matter whether your a newbie at diving or experienced. Love it"
Michelle Thelander - 21-Jun-2015 

"Had a great time! :) highly recommended"
Pip Johnson - 15-Jun-2015 

"Staff was great, the locations of the dive areas were amazing. Everyone is very professional and knowledgeable. It was an experience I am glad to have done before leaving. "
Jonathan Alves - 07-Jun-2015 

"Thank you so much! Our dive master Eric was fantastic and very professional. As a young diver, he was great at explaining principles and expectations of the dive. I cannot compliment him enough! I can't wait to get back in the water :) "
Nikita Muravolgyi - 06-Jun-2015 

Very well organised and professional, staff were helpful and friendly"
Catherine Chan - 06-Jun-2015 

"Well organised professionally run boat dive in comfort. Excellent"
Paul Dale - 30-Apr-2015

"A great day, especially at Long Reef. We saw 2 massive grey nurse sharks and loads of fish."
Victor De Sousa - 25-Apr-2015

"Once again a fantastic experience, thanks to the guys and girls at pro dive."
Lachlan Mackinnon - 18-Apr-2015

"Manly pro dive always exceeds expectations. Craig is a great guide. Full team awesome. We look fwd to going again. I always recommend to friends outside of Sydney."
Sheerien Salindera - 28-Mar-2015

"Thanks once again for some very enjoyable diving. Margaret our instructor was really lovely and Incredibly helpful. The dives were great fun."
Ralph Salmins - 02-Apr-2015

"I loved it. See you on the next dive."
Artur Szczygiel - 02-Apr-2015

"We were taken to swim with the reef sharks. this was awesome and impressed everyone at home! they don't know how relaxing diving is and both us and the sharks were relaxed.
we also saw a baby weedy sea dragon- what a funny creature that one is!
overall we had a great time and the staff couldn't be more helpful. I am recovering from a car accident and required help getting in and tanking up. they helped me from the back of the boat, by sitting on the lowest platform. I was assisted into my jacket and tank both into and out of the water. really appreciated :))"
Stephan Parry - 19-Mar-2015

"Overall great experience. Would definitely recommend and come again!"
Shadi El-Wahsh - 29-Mar-2015

"Was great to finally get to Long Reef. Staff, boat and Captain were up to usual ProDive performance and service levels."
David Hind - 28-Mar-2015

"Great day! My first boat dive, but I felt everyone was aware and made sure I knew what to do at every moment. Saw a lot of sharks which was exciting. Didn't realize our second dive would be at a different location, probably because I'm an amateur, so that was a great surprise! thanks for a great day guys!"
Jessica Goldsbro - 26-Mar-2015

"Diving with you guys is always great; the staff creates a fun and safe environment."
Henri Raath - 20-Mar-2015

"Two unbelievable dives. Vis was great at Magic Point and there were PLENTY of sharks! I don't usually enjoy Flagstaff but today was great!"
Jason Leadbitter - 19-Mar-2015

"The staff where amazing!! Absolutely commend them on the good job they did. I got sea sick and they were the most professional and friendliest people and helped me out so much. They went above and beyond to help me. I will definitely be diving with pro dive again. Nothing compares!!"
Pamela Srour - 14-Mar-2015

"Loved every minute of it. I would highly recommend it to everyone"
Michelle Thelander - 13-Mar-2015

"I would love to dive with you again! And spend more time hanging out with the crew and absorb their diving experiences. 😊?
Let me know if a gathering is happening. Cheers!"
Priska Raharjo - 06-Mar-2015

"Smooth, streamlined operation with engaged and friendly staff."
Richard Smith - 01-Mar-2015

"This was our first dive since getting certified and it was absolutely fantastic. Felt safe and well looked after. Great morning out that I would highly recommend to anyone."
Lucy Bolter - 28-Feb-2015

"Enjoyable day all around. Grant took our group on both dives, he was exceptional - friendly, fun, knowledgeable. He was easily the best dive guide we have had through Prodive."
Dave Compton - 28-Feb-2015

"It is always a pleasure diving on the Sealife V. Skipper Tony knows the sea conditions well and always gets his mark when conditions are right."
Tony Bevan - 26-Feb-2015

"Excellent customer service!"
Stephanie Henzlik - 26-Feb-2015

"The young captain was great - very social and friendly. Eric was my dive leader and he was brilliant. He was very knowledgeable about the dive site and caring when I was seasick! :)"
Alyscia Maher - 21-Feb-2015

"Lovely trip! Thank you!"
Gloria Sui - 21-Feb-2015

"Great experience and excellent professionalism. exceptional diving instructors. will definitely do another boat dive."
Dimitrios Angelopoulos - 12-Feb-2015

"Great dives, finally got to see some Weedy Sea Dragons!
thanks again to the team, can't wait for the next dive"
Rob Charles - 06-Feb-2015

"Well run, friendly staff, my wife and I enjoyed the day."
Peter Jolly - 24-Jan-2015

"Yesterday I took part on a dive with Eric from ProDive and was absolutely blown away by his enthusiasm and attention to detail. He was very thorough with his briefing, very attentive to all members of the group and also provided me with a complete and very detailed summary of the dive by email today, which completely surpassed all expectations.
I've done several dives with ProDive over the years and have always been very happy with the experience, but Eric certainly made yesterday's dives one of the most outstanding!"
Rebecca Wood - 10-Jan-2015

"Been on loads of dives on the boat now: its always well organized, you look after everyone appropriately (sick peopke when rough etc), match people well based on experience, and the skipper takes a genuine interest in everyone. On this dive i was really impressed with Veronica - she was really attentive to everyone and she led a good dive yesterday. Cheers."
Phil West - 24-Dec-2014

"We we unaware of the different dive destinations from dive 1 to dive 2 however didn't mind. The trainee Alex did a great briefing and was very professional."
Sarah Pritchard 29-Nov-2014

"Eric was a fantastic guide. Very informative, we really enjoyed the day thanks to him! He also emailed a summary of what we saw on the dives - much appreciated!"
Jaymee Murdoch 29-Nov-2014

"Margaret was an EXCELLENT dive leader. At Magic Point she found every sea creature you could want to see - sea dragons, amorous cuddle fish, huge blue groupers, sharks, the lot! And great enthusiasm for the whole trip. Needless to say the Captain was again a delight and another highlight of the trip! Like the added touch of chocolates for the apres dive."
Russell Swinnerton 29-Nov-2014

"Happy to keep coming back for more"
Forrest Park 22-Nov-2014

"My daughter and I did the deep diving course. We did all the skills required plus got some excellent diving in: a swim-through, baby cuttlefish, etc. Thanks Craig and Rob for an great day."
Henri Raath 15-Nov-2014

"Really enjoyed the new look Sealife V and Craig and Margaret were great very friendly and professional."
Chris Wilson 15-Nov-2014

"Had a really good dive, have mentioned to my friends, will definitely dive again"
Lachlan Mackinnon - 13-Sep-2014 

"On this trip I completed my 200th dive (many of which have been off Sealife V). Craig, Tony and the crew do a fantastic job, creating a professional, safe and totally enjoyable environment. Keep up the excellent work and I can't wait for the refitted Sealife V to hit the water. "
Ashley Barber - 24-Aug-2014 

"The warm food was excellent, keep up the chocolate, and the crew ( Cap Tony, Craig, Will, & Eric) was Fantastic! I'll be back to dive again"
erica heller - 09-Aug-2014 

"Wonderful as always! Thanks guys"
Alicia Gunn 27th Jul 2014

"Love diving with you guys!! :)
Eric is a such a brilliant guide!!
Might invest in a dry suit so i don't freeze my arse off again next time else make Tony sign up to throwing me overboard..."
Skye Johnston - 484512

"very good operation
good staff
great boat
had a great day thank you"
Peter Jolly - 05-Jul-2014 

"The staff did a great job on a bit of a rough sea day. As it was my first boat dive and I was a little nervous but enjoyed the second dive very much. Looking forward to booking another one soon"
Sally Kinging - 26-Jun-2014 

"Unfortunately the weather did not allow for the planned trip to magic point however the crew did a great job finding somewhere else to dive and made it very enjoyable!"
Sam Henman - 15-Jun-2014 

"Eric the Dive guide is fantastic. So patient & his email afterwards describing the marine life is wonderful particularly for a beginner like myself who has little knowledge of the species we saw."
Christal Ho - 14-Jun-2014 

"Eric was great fun and really thoughtful - as someone who goes through air slowly, it was great to have a bit more time down there to look around."
Lucy Cooper - 24-May-2014 

"Great staff, good dive locations, I was lucky to have great weather also :)
Had no problems with you guys what so ever, loved it! :)
Will be back again. Thanks heaps"
Katie Leeke - 23-May-2014 

"One of my best boat dives in Sydney: weather was perfect, great site selection, boat staff professional and friendly (as usual).
Thanks to everyone in ProDive! I wish I could do few more of similar dives this year!"
Vladimir Videnovic - 18 May 2014

"Had a great time, and my instructor was very friendly and patient for me being a novice diver"
Meredith Moeggenberg- 15-May-2014 

"We made a dive to magic point with you last weekend, and I’m just writing to say how impressed I was with the whole thing. It was our first dive since becoming certified, and it couldn’t have been better organised and run. I was particularly impressed with our guide, Eric, and blown away with his follow up email below.  -We will be back.
 John and Felix  15 May 2014

"I had the best dive experience yesterday, the visibility was amazing and warren was an excellent guide, showing us around magic point. I will definitely be going again, loved every moment of it! "

Natalie Collyer - 10-May-2014 

"A great double dive with visibility normally experienced in pacific island diving. This is my second trip with Eric W as the guide and his confidence and competence instill a level of comfort and ease in the dive for everyone in the group. "
David Jones - 03-May-2014 

"Fantastic trip! Great crew, will definitely dive with you again!
len thompson - 01-May-2014 

"ProDive crew always very professional and friendly, they make you feel part of the team"
Alex Sentana - 27-Apr-2014 

"Eric was a great dive guide and all Pro Dive staff were friendly and made us feel comfortable."
sandra lever - 26-Apr-2014 

"I did my course only last week with Craig and Matt. Craig was on the boat, so it was great to have a 'proper' dive with him again and he also showed us a weedy sea dragon which was awesome. Both Craig and Matt are terrific instructors."
Natalie Mcdonald - 26-Apr-2014 

"Couldn't have been a better day. Will was fantastic at keeping us in check and putting us at ease since we were all still pretty inexperienced. The Dive itself at Magic Pt. was just phenomenal so overall a great day! Always glad to dive with Prodive!"
Jeremy Chou - 24-Apr-2014 

"great dive guide and great diving"
Oliver Thomson -03-Apr-2014 

"I did the Advanced course, (at an advanced age), and was very impressed and even touched by the great care that was taken, not only for my safety, but also to make me feel very comfortable. The staff were friendly and kind, and seemed to genuinely care about their divers. I had fun. This is a very professional outfit and I can thoroughly recommend Pro-Dive."
Nadia Bloom - 15-Mar-2014 

"A great dive day, craig was clear and patient as always, never rushing anyone in the group."
Jena Chalk - 21-Apr-2014 

"Friendly & helpful crew. Conditions were good. Bright blue sky, clear water. Most enjoyable. Highly recommended."
Meng Tay - 21-Apr-2014 

"Staff were excellent and because if them, you'll see me more often!"
Mark Scott - 06-Apr-2014 

"Long Reef is a an absolute must do Sydney dive."
David Jones - 05-Apr-2014 

"I saw a lot of sharks in magic point, woderful. Thanks pro dive.:)"
Snake Zhou - 04-Apr-2014 

"Dived Long Reef for the first time. What an absolutely fantastic dive site! The crew and the trip was (again) outstanding and I have already booked to return to Long Reef."
Peter GALLAGHER - 30-Mar-2014 

"I hired the second tank - first tank was my mine.

I really enjoyed the dive - especially the dive at Magic Point. I was also quite impressed with the professionalism of Pro Dive, including counting the divers on and off the boat and checking on the depth and time after the dive/s. The only other time I've seen that was when I've been on a live aboard.
I look forward to diving with you again - maybe this coming weekend (Sunday)."
Geoffrey Learmonth - 22-Mar-2014 

"as per usual, the staff were professional and extremely helpful. Eric did a fantastic job at leading our dive, and provided a great summary of what we had seen in the dive. Always a great dive with ProDive!!"
Cheryl Hambly 01-Mar-2014 

"The trip was outstanding (as usual). I have now dived at many places in Australia and throughout the South Pacific and Pro Dive Manly remains one of the most professional and courteous dive organisations I have ever dealt with. I have never had a bad experience diving with them."
Peter Gallagher Sat 08-Mar-2014

"Had so much fun! Mick and Tyrone were awesome! Can't wait for our next dive."
Danielle Engen Sat 23-Jun-2012

"What an awesome morning of diving! Grey Nurses, Bull Ray, Weedy Sea Dragon, Moray Eels, Lion Fish, Mourning Cuttlefish,Port Jacksons and a Wobbegong! Amazing and great hosts as always with Brad and Tony, so thanks to one and all...:"
Neil Cameron - Sat 22-Sep-2012

"Pleasant and professional crew! Would dive again and recommend to friends"
Josephine W - Thu 04-Oct-2012

"Without doubt the trip aboard Sea Life as the most professional and friendly I have even been on. I cannot fault the facilities, equipment & staff. Chris & Brad were fantastic, even before I stepped onboard I felt welcome and completely at ease. Brad is an exceptional host who obviously lives for diving & had a genuine care for his colleagues and customers.My dive guide Eric, was outstanding.  Professional, friendly, knowledgeable & safety concious.My 1st dive was in 1984 and since then I have been on many many trips. On a scale of 1 to 10 I'd easily give Brad & his team a well earned 11."
Steve Denby - Sat 06-Oct-2012

"Absolutely fantastic dive yesterday 23/12/2012. Brad's hospitality onboard and dive instructing is the reason I keep coming back. I always feel like I'm catching up with an old friend and setting off on an adventure. Very happy atmosphere on board. "
Pickford - Sun 23-Dec-2012

"I must say that I was very pleased with my recent dives with Pro Dive.  I found the Pro Dive fellows enhanced the enjoyment of the dives by:
1) being very efficient with the allocation of hired gear,
2) giving very good pre-dive comments,
3) having the proper concern with safty during the dives,
4) holding off on any refreshments until all the guests had had enough,
5) explaining clearly why we were not diving sites we had expected to dive, and
6) just being a good humoured and entertaining bunch of fellows.

I look forward to my next dives.

Geoffrey "
Geoffrey Wall - Thu 27-Dec-2012

"Very professional staff who were highly competent and friendly.  We were very relaxed and enjoyed very much.
The guides showed us interesting sightings which we might have missed otherwise.
Highly recommended."
Angeline Ho - Sat 29-Dec-2012

"As a novice diver both Mick and Brad were great in building up confidence and looking after me."
nicholas milsom - Thu 10-Jan-2013

"Great dive, managed by a friendly and competent staff.
really enjoyed myself guys.
Well done, you made it a great experience to get back into diving!
cheers and thanks Simon
simon hopkins - Sun 13-Jan-2013

"Brad and Tony always provide a fun and fantastic dive experience, super knowledgable and very friendly.
I would recommend Sealife V and pro dive for anyone looking to dive Sydney's great dive locations!"
Daniel Sorauer - Thu 17-Jan-2013

Thank you for a great first dive in Sydney! The sharks were the best, and will long be remembered from my trip down under.  Take care, see you again soon.  Don M.
Don Mead Thu 07-Feb-2013

Darren and I had an awesome time yesterday. Staff were friendly and professional. We will definitely be back again soon!
Valerie Valdez Sat 09-Feb-2013

On all occasions I have found the staff at Pro Dive, Manly professional in their approach to diving but at the same time, helpful, caring and fun to be around. Thanks to Brad and his team at Manly... Wendy Fairweather
Wendy Fairweather Sun 10-Feb-2013

"I found that the service and energy of the staff from pro dive was really good.
My dive was really enjoyable and the staff were a large part of that.
Thanks guys and keep up the good work,
See you all soon,
Ben Bidgood - Sun 17-Feb-2013

"Fantastic day. Highlight of my week. Still talking about it. Can't wait to go diving again. Thom"
Thom Gilbert Fri 08-Mar-2013

Getting in amongst the sharks a weedys! Brilliant! Love Brad fully getting involved! I tell ya, the only thing that could have made it better is if king Tritan or Nessy made an appearance! CHAMPIONS!
Sam Eden Fri 08-Mar-2013

Nice way to spend a Friday, staff always friendly and helpfull
Leo Jones Fri 08-Mar-2013

Enjoy the trip? Hell yes!!! the staff make you feel like you've been there hundreds of times before while still making sure you get to enjoy something new and unique every time.
Victoria Parr Sat 09-Mar-2013

Excellent diving trip and Eric our dive guide was great. We will be booking with you again - thanks!
Lucy Spenceley Sat 09-Mar-2013

I'm glad to have my own personal divemaster Chee diving with me. Disappointed that we miss magic point but still enjoy the dives overall.
P.S. Just joking about my own personal divemaster, Chee is my friend of 23 years.
Jonathon Peng Thu 14-Mar-2013 07:45

I was very impressed with the whole operation.
Matt Shortall Fri 15-Mar-2013

"Big thanks to Eric and the rest of the crew! Even though we were quite a few beginners, you made the dives feel safe and enjoyable!"
Henriette Cecilie Jodal - 16-Mar-2013

Great times had with Craig, Eric and Alex....Pro Dive do have an excellent "back up" crew to the awesome leadership of Brad...;-)
Neil Cameron Sat 16-Mar-2013

"What an awesome morning of diving! Even with a few incidents going on, the crew led by Brad and Tony were as ever the true pros! The wildlife included Grey Nurse Sharks, Wobbegongs, Sea Turtles, Weedy Sea Dragons and so much more...huge thanks as always guys!!"
Neil Cameron - 23-Mar-2013

Great day that was enjoyed by everyone.
Malcolm Cox Sat 23-Mar-2013

Friendly team, passionate people, all was there to have a wonderful trip :)) I really enjoy it !
Eliza Salamin Sat 23-Mar-2013

I always enjoy diving with Produve as I find all the staff friendly, knowledgable and professional and all times.
Doug Hughes Thu 28-Mar-2013

Had two days of excellent diving, appreciated the food and the Easter eggs, crew were fantastic. Thanks!
Phil Harrington Sun 31-Mar-2013

Am still pretty new to diving and it was my first boat dive so was a little nervous but with such a fantastic and friendly group of staff I felt reassured and really enjoyed my dives. Would definitely be coming for more dives when I come by Sydney again. Thanks!!
Jeremy Chou Sun 31-Mar-2013

Thanks very much, the first dive was my first from a boat and all went according to plan and gave me a lot of confidence. Second dive visibility wasn't great, but again all went well. The easter eggs and cake were a nice touch and a friendly crew made for an enjoyable outing.
Tracy Driver Sun 31-Mar-2013

Lots of fun and very professional as usual.
Roger Daniel Mon 01-Apr-2013

Brad was our dive guide, and he was great! He spoke to us the previous day about the weather conditions and asked us where we would like to dive, going through all the options to ensure that we got the best value for our money spent.
By far the best dives I've had in Sydney so far, both underwater (saw a weedy sea dragon!!) and on board the boat!
Thank you!
Vijay Prabhu Fri 05-Apr-2013

Any time i go with pro dive i am having the best time. Thank you guys and will continue diving with pro dive and recomend it for everyone!!
Gabor Herceg Sun 07-Apr-2013

I enjoyed the trip very much and I'm looking forward to repeating the experience
Maria Boronat Sun 07-Apr-2013

As usual, diving from Sea Life V with the ProDive crew was an awesome experience.
Well organised, with a high degree of professionalism, patience, friendly staff, respect for marine life and environment spiced up with Brad's secret recipe for tomato soup :o)
Keep up the great work and atmosphere and I will certainly be back for many more dives with you!
Vladimir Videnovic Sat 13-Apr-2013 07:45

As always, Brad, Tony and the rest of the
SeaLife V crew were friendly, patient and professional. Diving with this team is always fun and filled with unforgetable moments.
Vladimir Videnovic Thu 25-Apr-2013

Once again I had a great day on the boat.  I think yesterday's dives were two of the best I have ever done in Sydney.  Many thanks to Pro Dive's staff.
Peter GALLAGHER Fri 26-Apr-2013

Experienced friendly professional team who seem to love what they do.
Great work guys
Ian Hunter Sun 28-Apr-2013

First boat dive in 4 months, all the staff went out of their way to make me  feel welcome and most of all safe.
Love diving with Manly Pro Dive team, I will be back next week for more.

Lee Boon Fri 10-May-2013

I dove (dived?) Long Reef/Queensie Bombie on this trip with Howard Womersley guiding our group.
The conditions were superb with great visibility and the dives were made further enjoyable by Howard's relaxed guiding pace around both Long Reef and Manly Bombora.
Looking forward to the next deep dive!
Matt Havilah Sat 18-May-2013

Our whole day was great. The Pro Dive staff are always friendly and kind. We're looking forward to more dives with you guys
Carolina Mora Sat 18-May-2013

Staff were fantastic. Thanks for a great time.
Thomas Owens Sun 09-Jun-2013

My friend and I enjoyed the trip. A lot of fun and the staff were fantastic. It was very exciting and I enjoyed every moment. Thanks PRO Dive
Dave Turner Fri 09-Aug-2013

Amazing dives... Absolutely brilliant Sydney winter diving. Excellent choice of dive sites!
Victoria Parr Sun 11-Aug-2013

Great day & well structured - good dive guides & a fun day all round. Will definitely recommend.
Matthew Taylor Sat 17-Aug-2013

Eric was our Dive Leader. He was professional and showed passion for diving, it really showed when he gave us the briefing and when he followed up after the dive. He made sure he pointed areas of interest and marine life that we otherwise would have missed. Really enjoyed the dive on 24 Aug and I look forward to the next one.
Rowena Dacanay Sat 24-Aug-2013

Lee Boon Thu 19-Sep-2013

Brad and Eric and rest of crew were fantastic , had a great morning with them
Many thanks
Laurence Richardson Sat 21-Sep-2013

Great diving experience, as always!
Frithjof van Zyp Sun 22-Sep-2013

Great Crew, Great Dive Guide and Great Dive
Samuel Hodgkinson Sat 02-Nov-2013

Great fluid operation right from joining instructions to kitting up and then the dive brief. All in all a great days' diving.
Phil Underwood Sat 09-Nov-2013

Great boat dive guys. Very friendly, helpful and professional. Eric W was one of the very best dive leader/master i have come across in nearly 30 years of diving.
I'll be back.
Mike Vogt Sat 09-Nov-2013

As always - a great morning of diving - great crew and boat.
Jayne Jenkins Thu 14-Nov-2013


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