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Waterproof D1 Hybrid Womens Drysuit

Brand: Waterproof
Category: Drysuits
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3 years of problem solving, material sourcing and intense testing finally gave birth to an innovative hybrid drysuit and Waterproof was able to patent a new diving revolution; the D1 Hybrid Dry Suit.
The D1 Hybrid is the first Insulated Constant Volume Dry Suit and launched at DEMA 2010 in November. Everyone agrees, the features are way beyond expectation:
Integrated Silicone Seals:
The first suit ever with integrated silicone seals I.S.S. No more aborted dives due to seal rupture. You can change the seals on the spot in no time. Silicone offers great ozone, chemical and UV resistance paired with a high comfort factor due to its flexibility. Say goodbye to neck & wrist seal choke!
The 3-D Mesh Lining:

  • Built in warmer insulation
  • The lining is fixed to the suit - avoiding internal movement
  • It is a part of the suit and fits accordingly
  • Your body moves inside the lining
  • Allows a slimmer fitting suit-cut while keeping you fully insulated
  • No obstacles when donning
  • No overheating on land
  • Soft, better buoyancy control
  • No Damp underwear when finished diving
  • No contact with the condensed moisture on the shell

      In every aspect, more comfortable than traditional bulky underwear.

The D1 Hybrid comes with the following inclusions: H1 5/7mm Venting hood, LP hose and valves, D1 Drybag, suspenders, one extra silicone neck and arm seal.

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