Frequently Asked Questions

I have been told that if I wish to dive overseas, I would need a PADI Open Water Certification?

Any reputable dive operator, accepts many of the certifications that exist around the world. An example of this, is that if you have an SSI, or NAUI or SDI Openwater certification, and wish to continue training at a PADI Dive Centre, PADI recognise  in there own standards they are the equivalent to the PADI Openwater course.

Is there a standard for what needs to be taught in a Open Water course?

Yes, there are currently two sets of standards;

So what the difference between all the agencies?

An agency may require some additional, optional skills to 'The Standards' to be completed as part of their certification training. There also may be some slight variations to the names and the way some skills are taught, however, regardless of what certification it is for, each diver must complete a set Standard skills to gain their qualification with that agency.

Can you upgrade an Open Water Certification?

Regardless of what agency is printed on an Open Water Certification card, it will allow you to dive to 18 metres. If you wish to upgrade your Openwater Certification, there are courses such as an Advanced Adventure course that can gain more skills and experience and give you a greater depth certification. 

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