Sydney - Cronulla

What's On

  • Internationally Recognised certification
  • Dive around the world
  • Designed for beginners no experience necessary
  • Qualified to dive to a depth of 18 metres
  • Course includes four open water dives

Due to the every changing nature of retail, PRO DIVE Cronulla will only be a training centre only, with no retail hours moving forward. Courses and Shore dives will still be offered from this location but on a limited basis over the winters.

Vanuatu is a tropical paradise featuring rainforests, waterfalls, hot springs and volcanoes; however it’s underwater where things really get interesting with sublime reefs and a unique wreck dive site which is suitable for divers of all levels.  

Experience the Winter wonders of Sydney diving. These cooler months often provide divers with clear Blue water where visibility can reach up to 30m. The Boat will also provide you with an 8mm wetsuit with the option to add a hooded vest to stave of the cold. Our advice would be to bring plenty of warm clothes for the surface interval and boat ride back.