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Rescue Diver Course

PRO DIVE runs a  Rescue Course every month. The  Rescue Course is the one of the most interesting and enjoyable diving courses. A great way to boost your confidence levels and improve your dive knowledge
Duration: 2 Days

PRO Safe First Aid is available in conjunction with the Rescue Course. You must have complete a recognised Senior First Aid Course before you can commence the Rescue Diver Course.  Pro Safe First Aid Course is $125

About the Rescue Course

The PRO DIVE Rescue Diver Course 'raises the notch' in divers' self-confidence by introducing them to rescue skills in and out of the water. By the end of this course, you will be able to competently and confidently assess a given rescue situation, propose, then action a plan of attack to reduce risk to a distressed diver. Learn how to administer EAR, master CPR and understand accident prevention.

The PRO DIVE Rescue Diver course is an important and crucial step in the development of a diver whose desire is to expand their knowledge and experience beyond the recreational level. Successful completion is also a prerequisite for all PRO DIVE leadership training (Divemaster and Assistant Instructor). The PRO DIVE  Rescue course is designed to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for individuals to effectively perform diver rescues and assists, manage diving accident situations, render proper first aid and qualify for Divemaster training.



Home Study must be completed prior to the course commencement. We will issue this on confirmation of the booking.   

Weekend Program

Sat  7.30am – 5.30pm  Knowledge Review and Theory Exam, Learn the basics of rescuing divers.

Sun 7.30am  - 5.30pm  Complete a whole series of scenarios, putting what have learned into practice.

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