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The SS President Coolidge VANUATU - SANTO

7 - 15 September 2018
9 days / 8 nights from Sydney
from Diver $2,300

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Vanuatu is a tropical paradise featuring rainforests, waterfalls, hot springs and volcanoes; however it’s underwater where things really get interesting with sublime reefs and a unique wreck dive site which is suitable for divers of all levels.  

S.S President Coolidge  20 - 70 metres
Measuring 210 metres and weighing 22,000 tons, the luxury liner/troop carrier SS President Coolidge has long been regarded as the largest accessible wreck in the world and a one-of- a-kind dive. As you prowl about, you’ll likely come across six-wheel-drive Studebaker trucks, jeeps, huge three-inch artillery guns, aircraft, drop tanks and a jumble of machine guns, rifles and helmets. Keep a look out for the toilets on the promenade deck, take a dip in the pool, hang out at the soda fountain, try  out the barber’s chair at the beauty salon and see hundreds of classic Coca Cola bottles. Downed in 1942 by striking an American mine, he sank in only 20 fathoms of water and luckily nearly all the 5000 officers and men on board were saved.
Million Dollar Point  10 - 40 metres

After WWII hundreds of tones of US equipment was dumped here and the site is so named after the amount of money the equipment was worth. The assorted paraphernalia includes  bulldozers and engines, tow trucks, steam rollers and jeeps. After the war, American efforts to sell the equipment were unsuccessful even at the most nominal price; so rather than give it to the then Condominium Government, the Americans simply dumped the lot. Fish and coral have now colonised the site’s machinery and divers can swim in and outside the vehicles.


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